UFC Fight Night 210 Results – Cory Sandhagen Defeats Song Yadong Via TKO Doctor Stoppage

Cory Sandhagen emerged victorious in the main event of UFC Fight Night 210 after the ring side physician deemed Song Yadong unfit to continue the fight due to a huge cut above his left eyelid. The fight took place at the UFC Apex Facility on Saturday Night.

Cory Sandhagen Song Yadong UFC Fight Night 210 Photo 2

The cut which was the beginning of the end, was due to an elbow delivered by Sandhagen to Yadong. The Cut-man in Yadong’s corner tried to keep the cut under control and was constantly being monitored by the ringside physician till the fourth round, when he wasn’t only dealing with the cut but also a swelling around the eyelid.

The fight was called a Fourth round TKO victory in favour of Sandhagen, who made it back to the win column after being subjected to a two fight losing skid.

Sandhagen actually didn’t like the ending despite being the person, who landed the fight ending blow. He seriously believed the fight deserved the final round and maybe planned a decisive ending to the fight or just wanted to hand Yadong some more punishment. Either way, the fight would most likely be ruled in his favour as two Judges had him leading on two of the scorecards.

“I hate that it ended that way,” Sandhagen said. “I think he deserved a fifth round. I wanted to see the fifth round. I wanted to see the scorecards to see if I was winning or not. That’s what I care about is winning. I won.”

Sandhagen, known as a striker tried to show something new in his game and actually opted for some takedowns early in the fight. Yadong was a little fast and did pretty well, scrambling out of position but on feet they both connected consistently with evil intentions.

Song gradually got comfortable in the bout and was unloading on Sandhagen and the more the exchanged the more confident he became before landing one of the biggest shots of the fights. A big right hand backed Sandhagen up and forced him into attempting another takedown.

This only forced Sandhagen into bringing more tools out of his toolbox and that includes the elbow that opened up a cut on Yadong’s face. The Cut-Man tried his best in between rounds, trying to stop the blood streaming down his face.

After the damaging blow, Sandhagen kept more pressure on Song, landing combinations and mixing up with takedown attempts which kept Yadong a little cautious in his attacks as he had to try defending the takedowns too. Sandhagen was then left to exploit Yadong.

The damage got worst as the fight continued and by the beginning of the fourth round, Song complained about his sight forcing the doctor to call off the fight, deeming him unfit to continue.

Cory Sandhagen Vs Song Yadong Photos

Cory Sandhagen Song Yadong UFC Fight Night 210

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