UFC Fight Night 209 Results – Roman Kopylov Impressively Stops Alessio Di Chirico For First Octagon Win

Roman Kopylov was able to secure his first victory with an impressive stoppage over Alessio Di Chirico on the Main Card of UFC Fight Night 209, September 3rd at the Accor Stadium In Paris.

Roman Kopylov Vs Alessio Di Chirico Two


Kopylov carried out his game plan well, battering Di Chirico’s body with kicks and his consistency paid off as the latter was forced to defend his body and Kopylov capitalised finishing him off with a combination that sent him head first to the canvas.

Both fighters looked to score a finish and went straight at it in the opening round. Kopylov displayed his hand speed, while Di Chirico took a more calculative approach, landing one shot at a time. Di Chirico landed a a few right hands but Kopylov replied with a combination that forced Di Chirico to shoot for a takedown.

Di Chirico kept the status as the aggressor, conning forward and trying to connect while Kopylov kept countering every shot and also kept Di Chirico constantly nurtured with his body kicks that constantly left the crowd at the edge of their seats. The openings kept coming and Kopylov kept capitalising till the chance to finish the fight sufficed and he took it, connecting a combination that sent Di Chirico to the canvas.

Kopylov walked into the fight on the back of two straight losses. A not so exemplary start to a UFC career. However, he has been able to secure his first win and not just a win but also an impressive knockout victory over an experienced fighter Like Di Chirico.

Kopylov believed he started well but at some point lost his advantage an really needed a finish to win the fight.

“First round, everything was going well, the second round, something started to fail,” Kopylov explained. “I only had one choice to take the fight in the third round. I had to finish to win. We found a way.”

Roman Kopylov Vs Alessio Di Chirico Roman Kopylov Vs Alessio Di Chirico TwoRoman Kopylov Vs Alessio Di Chirico Three Roman Kopylov Vs Alessio Di Chirico Four

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