Bellator 285 Results – Leah McCourt Holds On, Wins Decision Over Dayana Silva

Leah McCourt bounced back from two career defeats with a stunning performance, overcoming her underdog status to earn a unanimous decision over Dayana Silva in the Main Card of Bellator 285, which took place on Friday night at the 3Arena in Dublin.

Leah McCourt Dayana Silva Bellator 285 Photo Two

McCourt started sharp but Silva grew into the fight and McCourt just need to hold on, withstanding and containing the later attacks from her opponent to earn a unanimous decision from the Judges, scores  decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27).

McCourt started the fight with kicks, landings a low kick early in the fight and a highly kick that narrowly missed Silva. Using the kicks, Silva was kept at bay and her movements were top notch. When they both came together in a clinch, McCourt will connect with a combinations.

The second half of the round was more of the clinching and both had their time of success but McCourt was able to take the round with a takedown just 10 seconds to go in the round.

McCourt was able to replicate her smart movements in the second round. Her strikes seemed perfect, connecting a right hand and a left hook connected to Silva’s head. Silva went for the kick but could not catch McCourt, who still seemed too mobile for Her. Eventually, a few of her strikes connected and McCourt began showing the results of those shots.

McCourt had to step backwards to avoid further damage. The round ended much closer than expected and kept the expectations for the final round very high.

McCourt was bleeding in the third and the damage was very obvious, with swelling in one while blood dropped off the other. Silva was on the attack, throwing everything at McCourt but tried desperately to take the fight to the canvas but just couldn’t tack McCourt down.

Silva sent two kicks, one after the other but McCourt was able to take them both then shoot for a takedown, which Silva defended with ease and the resulting grappling which was more of a 50-50 contest.

McCourt was more precise in intent, went in some serious attack in the final, connected and jab and knee in the clinch, even defending a takedown. McCourt was able to land some more knees in the clinch and her take down attempt was well defended by Silva, who later tried a take down of her own but was met with blows before the round ended.

Leah McCourt Vs Dayana Silva Photos

Leah McCourt Dayana Silva Bellator 285 Photo Four Leah McCourt Dayana Silva Bellator 285 Photo oneLeah McCourt Dayana Silva Bellator 285 Photo ThreeLeah McCourt Dayana Silva Bellator 285 Photo SixLeah McCourt Dayana Silva Bellator 285 Photo Five

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