Tyson Fury Vs Dillian Whyte Full Fight Video Highlights 23rd April


Tyson Fury KO's Dillian Whyte At O2 Arena Watch full fight video highlights of Tyson Fury Vs Dillian Whyte Full Fight Video Highlights. The WBC Heavyweight Championship took place Saturday 23rd April at the O2 Arena.

Tyson Fury is arguably the best heavyweight in the planet and that he showcased in his six round destruction of Dillian Whyte in front of a sold out O2 Arena on Saturday.

The anticipated all British fight did deliver as anticipated, only a lot earlier than expected with a concussive upper cut from the “Gypsy King” sending the “Body Snatcher” to the canvas. As expected the rugged challenger made it back to his feet but had lost his leg, a hangover that signalled the referee the right time to stop the fight.

As expected, Whyte went in to fight dirty as he has always felt that Deontay Wilder, who has faced Tyson Fury thrice in the past few years hasn’t been doing enough especially, with body shots. However, Fury was king with his Jab which was catalysed by his huge height and reach advantage over Whyte.

By the third round, Fury was already out-boxing the Whyte, who was content jabbing Fury’s body. Fury made things much interesting with his movements and circles round Whyte. Whyte threw wild swings at Fury and even got warned a couple of times for fouls.

The fifth round was close but Fury out-landed Whyte with most effective punches. Fury connected a big uppercut in Whyte and the “Body Snatcher” fell to the canvas first then got back to his feet but before the referee could administer the country, Whyte stumbled all over the ring, forcing the referee to stop the fight.

ResultsTyson Fury Vs Dillian Whyte Full Fight Card Results

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