Tyson Fury Brutal Upper Cut Ends Dillian Whyte In Six

Tyson Fury Drops Dillian Whyte

Tyson Fury retained his unbeaten record, The WBC heavyweight World Title and The Lineal Heavyweight World Title with a sixth round knockout victory over No. 1 WBC contender Dillian Whyte on Saturday Night 23rd April 2022.

The all British Heavyweight heavyweight championship ended after Fury connected a brutal uppercut on Whyte in the sixth round of the fight. The challenger fell straight to the canvas and after getting up, couldn’t help but stumble across the ring, forcing the referee Mark Lyson to stop the fight at exactly 2:59 of round six.

Whyte came out differently in this fight, a Southpaw stance , looking to capitalise on the usual Orthodox fighter in Fury. Both pawed with Jabs but Fury found more connections in the smaller fighter due to his huge reach advantage and movements.

The second round was different. Fury was sent to the ropes by Whyte, who this time opted to fight Orthodox, while Fury picked the Southpaw. Fury dodged the blows from Whyte and left him unable to capitalise on the advantage. Both still seemed fresh in round two.

Whyte again sent Fury to the ropes but couldn’t still capitalise on his advantage. However, Fury connected a big left hook that drew a reaction from the crowd. Whyte sent a wild left hook but couldn’t connect and avoided a counter right from Fury towards the end of the round.

Fury went rough on Whyte, which resulted in an accidental clash of heads. This drew a warning from the referee and after that Whyte drew a warning of his own for landing before the restart. Fury had already connected a big shot of his own between the saga.

The fifth round both kept the fight clean. Fury used his Jab, keeping Whyte at bay while the later seemed okay with searching for a body shot. Whyte would close up but his success against Fury was frequently. Fury finally got the “Body Snatcher” hurt in the final moments of the round but there wasn’t a knockdown.

Whyte’s corner got sloppy and left the ring uncleared before the start of round six. This drew a warning from the referee.

Fury kept his Jab working, connecting upstairs but Whyte charged forward just as he did in the round before to miss a left hook to the body. Fury wasn’t lucky enough to miss the next one, Whyte connected this time. Unfortunately that was the big shot from Whyte, as Fury uncorked a huge upper cut that sent Whyte scrambling to the canvas.

Whyte was able to beat the count but was unsteady after that, stumbled across the ring and gave the referee no choice but to stop the fight.

The loss subjected Whyte to his third Knockout loss, his second in the last eight months. His first loss came by the hands of Anthony Joshua back in 2015. Whyte didn’t wait to be interviewed by the Media after his second defeat in three fights.

Tyson Fury Full Fight Card Results

Fury secured his 32 victory 32-0-2 (23KOs), his second successful defence of the WBC heavyweight title. Fury has held the WBC heavyweight title since knocking out Deontay Wilder in the seventh round back in February 22nd 2020. He defended it against Wilder with an eleventh round knockout victory in October last year.


Tyson Fury Drops Dillian WhyteTyson Fury celebrates Dillian Whyte victoryTyson Fury connects Brutal Upper Cut On Dillian Whyte

Tyson Fury Upper Cut Close View

Tyson Fury KO's Dillian Whyte At O2 Arena

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