Subriel Matias Gets Perfect Revenge, KOs Petros Ananyan in the Ninth Round

Puerto Rican heavy puncher Subriel Matias was able to get his revenge on Petros Ananyan, picking up a ninth round stoppage victory at the Borgata Event Center in New Jersey.

Subriel Matias Petros Ananyan photo 3

The two welterweights staged an entertaining and competitive performance. Towards the end of the ninth round, Matias dropped Ananyan with a left hook. Ananyan was able to beat the count from referee Mary Glover and walked to his corner but after careful examination by the ringside physician, Ananyan wasn’t allowed to answer the bell for the 10th round.

With the win, Matias (18-1, 18 KOs) was able to avenge his Unanimous Decision loss to Ananyan (16-3-2, 7 KOs) on Deontay Wilder Vs Tyson Fury Rematch Fight Card back on February 2020, which took place at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

Both fighters were competitive but Matias was hitting the hardest shots and after a brawl in closing 25 seconds of the third round Ananyan already had a swelling under his left eye. Matias transfered his precision and dominance to the fourth, where he nailed Ananyan with three uppercuts in a sequence that occurred in the space of 30seconds.

Ananyan showed heart and kept shooting his shots at Matias but had taking too many brutal shots. However, a point was deducted from Matias for low blows, that was ignored by the referee Glover earlier in the fight. Both fighters were got involved again in a long stretch of back and forth exchanges in the last forty seconds of the sixth.

Both fighters got involved in another brawl in the seventh round, exchanging hard shorts and showing tremendous heart during that three minutes as non really looked hurt by the shots. Matias and Ananyan took that into the eight round but in a much slower pace. In about 40 seconds to go in the eight round, Matias blasted Ananyan with a huge right but the later took it well .

Ananyan looked to take the competitive attributes of the last three rounds into the final round but that wasn’t it as Matias chosed his target and ensured to fight smartly, doing target practice on Ananyan, who was later sent to the canvas three seconds to go in the ninth.

Ananyan was able to beat the count by Glover and the bell sounded for the end of the ninth but after careful examination by the ring side physician. Ananyan was deemed unfit to continue.

Subriel Matias Vs  Petros Ananyan Full Fight Photos

Subriel Matias Petros AnanyanSubriel Matias Petros Ananyan photo 1Subriel Matias Petros Ananyan photo 2Subriel Matias Petros Ananyan photo 3

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