Luis Ortiz Overcomes Two KnockDowns, Stops Charles Martin In Round Six

Luis Ortiz turned back the hands of the ones again, overcoming two knockdown to brutally knockout former heavyweight world Champion Charles Martin in the 6th round of their IBF Heavyweight title eliminator on Saturday night at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Florida.

Luis Ortiz KnocksOut Charles Martin

The two time heavyweight title challenger Ortiz will be 43 in about three weeks but his fist didn’t reflect his age in this case. Coming from two knockdowns in the first and fourth rounds to force a dramatic stoppage at exactly 1:23 of the sixth round of the Fox Sports Pay-Per-View fight card Main Event.

“I knew this was going to be fireworks from the start. He dropped me twice; I finished him,” Ortiz told Fox Sports’ Ray Flores after the dramatic win.

The two fighters tested the canvas in the opening round but only one was ruled a knockdown as the other was only as a result of Ortiz stepping on Martin’s toes and currently ruled a slip by the referee. However, Martin was able to then put together a clean knockdown, connecting a right hand on Ortiz’s temple. The referee issued an eight count to Ortiz.

Ortiz was the busier of the two fighters but that was mostly due to the fact thatartin wasn’t throwing much. Ortiz resumed his dominance in round two and was able to rock Martin taking his legs out with a combination that involved two brutal straight left hands. The next shot wobbled Martin.

Martin’s was ahead but that didn’t deter Ortiz who came coming forward and that gave Martin a good opening and he took it, sending Ortiz again to the Canvas with a stiff jab in the closing seconds of round four.

“I was very focused for this fight. I was never worried,” insisted Ortiz. “My head trainer, German Caicedo just reminded me to work the jab and will create the openings I needed.

Ortiz was very aggressive in round five and looked to make up for points as Martin was ahead. The Cubans left hand was very sufficient, forcing Martin to make some quick adjustments in his game. Ortiz was then met with a brutal right hand towards the end and survived.

Martin looked fresh by the start of the sixth and seemed a little comfortable but that changed in a split second as a big left from Ortiz connected on Martin’s temple, forcing the former world champion into a place of unknown, he stumbled and while going down got tangled with the top rope causing a brief timeout.

Ortiz saw the end and immediately went for the the kill, hammering away Martin’s body. Ortiz then took his vicious combinations to the head and with that sent Martin to the canvas for the second time in the round. This time referee Frank Santore Jr. had seen enough and immediately waved of the fight.

“My corner reminded me to remain calm, just stick to my strengths and things would go my way,” claimed Ortiz.

Ortiz was behind on all three scorecards 48 – 45 on two and 47- 46 on the third. However, this win represents his first significant victory of his entire career and with that, the No.1 contender for the 1BF heavyweight title held by Unified heavyweight champion Oleksandr Usyk, who will be defending the title for 5he first time against former champion Anthony Joshua in the first half of 2022.

Ortiz has only been defeated by one man, former WBC Heavyweight Champion Deontay Wilder. A 10th round stoppage in 2018 and a seventh round stoppage in their rematch in 2019.

Luis Ortiz Vs Charles Martin Full Fight Video Highlights


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