Jake Paul Brutally KOs Of Tyron Woodley In Rematch

Jake Paul made sure there was no need for the judges scorecards in the Rematch, crushing Tyron Woodley with a one punch knockout in the sixth round Saturday evening at AMALIE Arena in Tampa, Florida.

Jake Paul KOs Tyron Woodley


The former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley promised to convincingly defeat Paul and show him he is a real athlete but it was Paul who made a huge statement with a knockout victory.

The knockout was so convincing, it could be up for “Knockout of the year” contender. Paul connected an overhand right hand that sent Woodley straight head first to the canvas in the sixth round prompting the referee to immediately stop the fight.


The was a lot of talk in the build up of the rematch between Paul and Woodley, which had Paul welcomed with Boos to the Arena. but it was Paul who kept his promises in the build up dropping Woodley with a big.

Jake Paul KOs Tyron Woodley Photo 2

The fight kicked off with Woodley show so much aggression and doing very little  offence, Paul held his own and that ignited more Boos in the crowd as many routed for Woodley. The second round was more of the same as Woodley kept walking into straight rights

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Woodley, just like the first had low output, a mistake he admitted cost him the first fight. Paul was ahead with the first two rounds . The third round was more of Woodley and marred with an instant were Paul walked into an elbow and caused a cut on his face. Other than that, Woodley landed the biggest punch in the round, an uppercut that snapped Paul’s head backward.

Woodley, who almost scored a knockdown in the first fight made sure he sent Paul to the canvas this time and didn’t mind which ever way he achieved it. Woodley lifted Paul up and dumped him on the canvas, drawing a serious warning from the referee.

Jake Paul KOs Tyron Woodley Photo 3

The fifth round wasn’t too good for Paul, and everyone who were itching for action but got a boring round instead. A sloppy sequence lead to and accidental clash of heads, Woodley’s head landed on Paul’s eye leaving the young content creator in pains.

The sixth round was all Paul needed to finish Woodley, sending the former UFC Champion down and out with a massive right hand. Woodley went head first to the canvas and lay there for sometime till the medics rushed in.

Jake Paul KOs Tyron Woodley In Rematch Dec 2021

Woodley has failed twice, handing Paul a loss could be handed to the hands of another. Their first meeting ended with Paul taking a split decision victory after eight rounds 

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