Gilberto Ramirez Dominates Yunieski Gonzalez Stops Him In Tenth

Gilberto Ramirez made a huge return but needed 10 rounds to stop a game Yunieski Gonzalez, who had so much heart for a huge underdog in their main event fight at the AT&T Center at San Antonio.

Gilberto Ramirez Defeats Yunieski Gonzalez With Tenth Round Stoppage

Ramirez had to ride through early trouble and went toe to toe against an extremely courageous Gonzalez handing the fans an enjoyable night at the Arena. Ramirez rocked Gonzalez in the third round but the Cuban was able to take Ramirez shots for not just that round but also the remaining seven rounds before the stoppage.


The two fightērs went toe to toe for the majority of the bout and despite Ramirez’s dominance Gonzalez was there looking dangerous and also throwing punches. The end came after the referee ended the bout after noticing Gonzalez was taking way too many unanswered punches.

Ramirez was a huge favourite to win the fight but the fight got harder than anticipated . However, in the tenth round, Gonzalez got backed up in the ropes by a straight left and didn’t reply, Ramirez sensed that the end was near and rained down numerous combinations that forceɗ the referee to step in and immediately stop the fight.

With the win Ramirez kick started is light heavyweight title journey with a knockout victory. Ramirez is a former WBO super middleweight champion.

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