Gennadiy Golovkin – Canelo Trilogy Is Possible, Most Certainly Not A Priority

Middleweight Champion Gennady Golovkin will welcome a Trilogy Showdown with Canelo Alvarez but presently has his full focus on his upcoming unification fight with WBA 160 Pound Champion Ryota Murata this December.

Gennady GGG Golovkin Training

Canelo Alvarez handed GGG is first professional career loss and apart from that has been able to make a name for Himself winning titles at Super Middleweight and Light Heavyweight. All this after their competitive rematch back in 2019.

GGG has been criticised for his level of opponents since the Canelo fight and even the upcoming battle with Murata, will be considered by the HardCore Boxing Fans as a mismatch. This makes the Trilogy fight with Canelo, the biggest fight out there for the GGG to make at this point of his career.

GGG and Canelo both battled to a controversial draw in their first encounter, while their second encounter ended a majority decision in favour of Canelo, who has since then knocked out all except one of his opponents. An incredible accomplishment that has gone on to shed more light on how much of a great fighter GGG is or was at the time of their meeting.

There were talks of a third meeting between the two after their rematch but all went with the win as Canelo moved on to bigger fights, racking up world titles in two more divisions and most recently unified the Super middleweight division with an Eleventh round knockout of formerly unbeaten Caleb Plant.

Canelo Alvarez will move up to Cruiserweight against WBC Champ Makabu in May with hopes of becoming a five division Champion, which will pull forward a possible date for a Trilogy with GGG to September, if it ever happens.

“This fight is possible,” Golovkin told Sky Sports. “Theoretically nothing has changed. There are certain questions which have been posed [to Canelo]. They are still open, they remain unanswered. We have been discussing it but haven’t moved towards this fight for quite some time. You are interested because he beat all the UK fighters! But it is of no concern to me.”

GGG believes that Canelo Alvarez will not be coming down to the 160 pound division and understands, he will need to go up in weight to face Canelo in the future. However, he will not entertain a move up in weight, if there is no contract on the table.

“I don’t want to entertain moving to a different division unless there is an offer on the table,” Golovkin said.

“Imagine if I moved to 175-pounds, the number of people calling me out will increase by 30 percent! The army of fighters who self-promote themselves by using my name would only increase in number.”

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