UFC Vegas 39 Full Fight Video Highlights – Sabina Mazo Vs Mariya Agapova

Watch Full Fight Video Highlights of Sabina Mazo Vs Mariya Agapova From UFC Vegas 39 ( Fight Night 194) at the UFC Apex Facility in Saturday Oct 9th in Las Vegas Nevada.

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Rephrased Recap — Kindly Read With Patience

Agapova was good from the opening bell and credited her efforts with a good demonstration of technique against Mazo. She was in control of the fight and was able to put in some good shots which was mainly due to her timing and after two rounds of it, Agapova ended the fight with a perfect finishing sequence, from a good right hook to a good shot. Choking Naked Rare.

Agapova managed to keep her cool against an aggressive Mazo in the first lap and landed on Mazo despite her haste. She clearly had the advantage and knew how to use speed and precision to overtake Mazo. She mixed things up with hand and leg combinations that Mazo gradually slowed down.

Mariya Agapova Taps Sabina Mazo At UFC Fight Night 194

Agapova was able to take advantage of Mazo’s forward movement and connected ranged attacks with ease. Mazo looked back with her strikes and Agapova made her pay for each strike.

With a big right hand, Agapova sent Mazo to the canvas and jumped on the rare naked starter in a split second, leaving Mazo with no time to recover and getting her tap at exactly 1:05 of the round.

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