Robert Helenius Trainer Doesn’t See Adam Kownacki Making A Huge Change From The First Fight

Adam Kownacki Robert Helenius WBA Heavyweight eliminator

Robert Helenius was able to finish the formerly unbeaten heavyweight contender Adam Kownacki in the fourth round of their first meeting and his trainer Lindstrom doesn’t believe the Polish fighter will change much ahead of their rematch on October 9th.

Lindstrom believes that Kownacki has always relies on his brawling which isn’t always a great style for a Heavyweight fighter and that opens him up for flush punches which Helenius connected almost at will in their first meeting and despite his numerous training camps ahead of their rematch, Lindstrom doesn’t believe there will be a lot of changes in his game.

The first three rounds of their first meeting was brutal as Kownacki let the hell lose on Helenius and looked well on his way to winning the fight by knockout before Helenius dropped Kownacki in the fourth round and ended up winning the fight by Knockout at the Barclays Centre

“I think it’s natural that he has to change something because he lost,” Lindstrom told “But I don’t really think that he can change that much from one fight to another. You know, training for it is one thing. But you know, as soon as he gets punched in the face, he’s probably gonna fall into the same old Kownacki again. So, I think that he will try to be more of himself, like do more of what he did the last time, but he’ll be in better shape and come even harder.

“That’s what I think, but he’s thinking probably something different. But from all the years of boxing I’ve seen, you don’t change that much from fight to fight. Usually, it’s more like the technical setup, what you’re gonna do in what round, than you can change the boxer and how he boxes. But let’s see. We’re preparing for whatever he brings, so if he changes something up, we will, too.”

Kownacki will look to avenge that loss when he squared up ones again against Robert Helenius in the Tyson Fury Vs Deontay Wilder Pay-Per-View fight card on Oct. 9th at the T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada

Kownacki was at the end of a left right combination in the fourth round of their first meeting and that dropped the push knockout artist. Kownacki got back to his feet but was at the end of another brutal combination from Helenius, which sent him down again 10 seconds later.


Kownacki didn’t stay down and that invited another onslaught from the Finnish heavyweight, who connected a big shot that prompted that referee to stop the fight at exactly 1:08 of the fourth round.

“It was great in every way,” Lindstrom said of Helenius’ win. “To come in as the underdog, in his backyard, beating him like that was fabulous. Robert really showed what he has when he’s healthy and when everything’s working for him, he’s really an elite heavyweight boxer.”

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