Jamie Mitchell Defeats Shannon Courtney To Win WBA Bantamweight Title


Jamie Mitchell Defeats Shannon Courtney

Jamie Mitchell (7-0-2, 4 KOs) picked the Vacant WBA Bantamweight title with a well deserved unanimous decision over Shannon Courtenay (7-2, 3 KOs) on Liam Smith Vs Anthony Fowler under card in Saturday night at the M&S Arena in Liverpool.

Courtenay came into the fight 2.5 pounds above the weight limit for the fight which made the WBA strip the title from her Shoulders and made left Mitchell the only one fighting for the title.

Mitchell looked ready to become a world champion from the opening bell forcing Courtney to the ropes and over overpowering her with close exchanges. This scenery continued through the first half of the fight and leaving Mitchell well ahead in the scorecards.

Courtney tried boxing from a distance but couldn’t keep Mitchell away. Mitchell kept giving Courtney from close range and on the inside and this caused some swelling in the eyes of the former champion.

Courtney started rallying in the eight round after Mitchell had noticeably slowed down her but that was all from Courtney as Michell came back firing in the Ninth Round and before the 10th round of the fight Courtney’s face was heavily swollen.

Mitchell kept outworking Courtney to the final bell to become the new WBA Bantamweight champion.

Liam Smith Vs Anthony Fowler Full Fight Card Results

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