Chris Eubank Jr – Goals Remain The Sam After Anatoli Cancelation

Chris Eubank Jr

Super Middleweight challenger Chris Eubank Jr was very anxious of returning to the ring Anatoli Muratov this past weekend. However things went south as the fight got cancelled by the BBofC after identifying some health issues in Muratov.

Eubank Jr. was first scheduled to fight scheduled to fight Sven Eibir but the latter pulled out due to positive COVID 19 test before the late replacement Anatoli Muratov failed to go through the pre-fight clearing stage of the BBOfC.

However, Eubank Jr. really wants a return in the month of October

“Nothing like this has ever happened in my career. First opponent gets COVID, second opponent fails a medical the day of the fight. It’s surreal. It doesn’t seem real,” Eubank Jr. told Sky Sports.

“Everything happens for a reason and the plan now is to fight in two weeks’ time. We’re still on route. The plan is still to fight this month, so we’re OK. Listen, I’m back in the gym tomorrow morning. I’m going to continue like this never happened and then I’ll prepare for the next fight, which will be in a few weeks’ time. There’s plenty of opponents and it will be a good fight. It will be the right fight.”

Despite the cancellation, Eubank Jr still wants to fight in October and after that, make a return to the ring in December for a big fight. However, he is still yet to find a befitting opponent for his return and no Announcement has been made to that regard.

“The plan was and still is to fight in December,” Eubank Jr. said. “We need to fight this month, so that I can have enough time to rest and then have a new training camp for a fight in December.

“It’s vital that I get out this month and fight, because a big name or a world title fight is waiting for me in December.”

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