UFC Vegas 36 Results – Khalil Rountree Jr. Destroys Modestas Bukauskas Legs In Round 2

Khalil Rountree KOs Modestas Bukauskas

Khalil Rountree Jr. emerged victorious with a knockout victory over Modestas Bukauskas in the main card of UFC Vegas 36 but that didn’t come without a cost as his opponent lost a leg in the process. The event took place on Saturday night at the UFC Apex Facility.

Rountree started the fight strong with numerous punches to the head of Bukauskas and towards the midpoint of the second round Rountree sent a kick towards Bukauskas thigh but instead of just connecting. The kick ended up immobilising Bukauskas and left him in agonising pain.

The fight got stopped by the referee abruptly at 2:30 of round 2.

Rountree was out for the knockout from the opening round and made that clear with some heavy punches to the head that immediately sparked thoughts of another first round finish. Bukauskas didn’t throw many punches back but was able to make Rountree miss a few. However before the round ended, Bukauskas left for his corner with a bloody nose.

Khalil Rountree Defeats Modestas Bukauskas At UFC Vegas 36

Rountree was able to keep the pressure up and pumped his Jab and hooks out as much as he could but immediately he found the opening to counter a jab from Bukauskas and went in with a leg kicks, immediately Bukauskas went down in pain.

“My mindset today was just win,” Rountree said afterwards. “Win the fight. I’m dealing with my fear head on. I just came in here ready to get the job done. I just knew that I had to come in here and get the job done.”

With the win, Rountree returned to the win column with another KO victory after two losses in a row.

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