UFC Vegas 36 Full Fight Video Highlights – Modestas Bukauskas VS Khalil Rountree

Watch Full Fight Video Highlights Of Modestas Bukauskas VS Khalil Rountree Light Heavyweight Battle UFC Vegas 36 (UFC Fight Night 191) Main Card On Saturday night, UFC Apex Facility, Nevada August 4th

Fight Recap — Rephrased Gibberish

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Khalil Rountree Jr. was looking for a knockout, but at UFC Vegas 36, he knocked down his opponent’s leg in the game and won TKO.

In recognition of his credit, Bukauskas did a great job moving around and not allowing Rountree to follow his bigger punches, but he also didn’t provide much information about his attack. By the time Bukauskas reached the bottom corner of the tower, his nose was completely deformed but it still hasn’t disappeared.
While Rountree is still the aggressor, his exit slows down a bit, but he still follows Bukauskas around the cage as he prepares his combinations.

As soon as he saw that Bukauskas was about to throw the ball to stop him, Rountree counterattacked with a leg kick that ended the TKO.

Khalil Rountree Defeats Modestas Bukauskas At UFC Vegas 36
After seeing Rountree hit the head a few difficult starts, he decided to throw a diagonal kick. Just when Modestas Bukauskas tried the jab himself, he reached his leg midway through the second round. As soon as Langtry’s foot sank into his thigh, Bukauskas’s leg was bent under him, and when referee Herb Dean hurriedly stopped the game, he fell to the ground in pain. The
official suspension occurred at 2:30 in the second round.
“My mentality today is victory,” Langtry said later. “Win the battle. I’m dealing with my fears. I only came here to finish the job. I just know that I must come here to finish the job.”

UFC Fight Night 191 Full Results 

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