UFC 266 Full Fight Video – Nick Diaz Vs Robbie Lawler

Watch Full Fight Video Highlights of Nick Diaz Vs Robbie Lawler From UFC 266 Main Card which took place on Saturday 25th at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

Fight Background

UFC Legends Nick Diaz and Robbie Lawler make an anticipated return to the UFC cage on Saturday Night in a rematch of an absolute banger in the Main Card of UFC 266, which takes place on Saturday September 25th at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

Diaz was a for e to recon with but with six years away from the sport there is actually a possibility he might not be the same fighter he used to be. In his very active days, Diaz will close the distance and score some good bodyshots and lasted in the cage due to his toughness and strength.

Lawler on the other hand is a friend of violence and grew from a knockout artist in his early years to a well defined slugger. Winning most of his fights via knockout he has hmfrown increasingly dependent on his power and looks mostly for openings to explode.

Robbie Lawler Defeats Nick Diaz In UfC 266 Rematch

Nate Diaz is expected to put pressure on Lawler which should ignite a back and forth battle, just like in the previouseeting and if Lawler fails to oblige, he might then be forced to the cage and punished with body shots. However, a good reply with some good body shots and kicks could go a long way in calming the pressure from Diaz.

Lawler is much closer to retirement and could go off to sunset with a good win. However for Diaz a good win could just re-ignite his passion for the sports.

UFC 266 Full Fight Card Results



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