Tyron Woodley Agrees To Honor Jake Paul’s Pre – Fight Bet For Rematch

Jake Paul Defeats Tyron Woodley In Boxing Match Photo 2

Former UFC welterweight Tyron Woodley will go through with his Pre-fight bet with Jake Paul as he hopes the latter will grant him the promise of a rematch, which was part of the agreement before their fight three weeks ago.

Woodley lost his Boxing Debut to the YouTuber turned Boxer. Paul totally out-pointed Woodley over eight rounds and made away on scorecards in the early rounds. After the fight. Woodley immediately asked for a rematch and Jake reminded him of their pre-fight bet.

The Bet was an agreement that the loser if the fight will have a tattoo of the Winner and with Jake winning the fight, Woodley will have to get a tattoo of Jake Paul. Woodley has now agreed to follow through with the bet as Jake Paul seems uninterested with the rematch unless he does the tattoo.

There has been a few statements from Paul about his next potential opponent Tommy Fury which directly means that the Influencer is changing his focus towards Fury as Woodley has refused to carry out his part of the bet with a tattoo “I Love You Jake”

“Tommy Fury should have never even been in position for the bag,” Woodley said in an Instagram live with Ariel Helwani. “I’m going to just let the week go through and see what happens. I think the most sensible thing to do is run it back. I think I’m getting this tattoo Saturday, by the way. Yeah, I just feel like I should do it because it’s a solid thing to do. I’m going to do it on Saturday.”

Paul took on and overcame the toughest test of his career. However, he was clubbed with a big right in the fourth round that sent him staggering into the ropes. That was the biggest shot taken in his career, he survived and having defeated Woodley, Jake’s looks to take on a professional Boxer next.

“I don’t know yet. I’m going to think about it,” Woodley said on the placement of the tattoo. “Not neck, not face. I should have put it across my f*cking knuckles. … To me, it’s like this: If a dude wants to pay me to whip his ass, since he supposedly ‘paid me and promoted the fight,’ then I love you (laughs). Because you’re that dumb.”

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