Tim Bradley Goes Ballistic On Oscar Valdez, Wish Conceicao Knocks Him Out

Timothy Bradley Former World champion & Boxing Presenter

Timothy Bradley has voiced out his opinion on the recent drug test scandal surrounding the upcoming title fight between Victor Valdes and Robson Conceicao, which takes place on the September 10th.

Bradley, a former welterweight champion and now a commentator was very plain about his position on the subject during a recent episode of ESPN’s State Of Boxing and really wants a mean ending for Valdez, who makes the first defence of the WBC Junior Lightweight title.

Valdez tested positive late last week for a banned substance Phentermine, which has the capabilities of suppressing appetite during weight loss. Voluntary Anti Doping Agency (V.AD.A.) has zero tolerance for performance enhancement drugs and got the drug banned but the World Anti Doping Agency (W.A.D.A) still permits the substance to be used out of competition.

The two Anti Doping Agencies VADA and WADA can only make test and provide results and have no power to stop the event from taking place. Hence, leaving the local Athletic Commission to handle the cancellation of the fight but the Pascua Yaqui Tribe allowed the fight to go on and the WBC also sanctioned the fight the following day.

Bradley feels bitter due to the proceedings and blasted Valdez also wishing the champion gets knocked out in his first title defence.

“I wish [Conceicao] knocks [Valdez] the hell out,” Bradley said. “That’s what I hope. I hope for a miracle. If this fight goes on, if nothing changes, I hope he gets knocked out, seriously.”

Bradley automatically became a fan of Valdez after his sensational knockout victory over Berchelt back in February but according to him that’s “done” as his perception of the matter is the fact that Valdez is “Dirty”.

“And I’m a fan of Oscar Valdez,” Bradley continued. “I am. I’m hurt by this. I’m really hurt by this. I went on national TV, on live TV, and said that this guy is now my hero after he defeated Berchelt.

“I’m sick to my stomach about this situation, and I think that whether it’s from the tea or not or whatever it is nobody cares about that. You tested positive. Everybody can think whatever the heck they want to think and I’m thinking that you’re dirty, my friend. That’s just it. I’m done.”

Valdez has so far denied using any banned substance to enhance his performance since his time as an amateur in a statement sent on his social media handle. This could go light on a casual boxing fan but that hard-core and professionals like Bradley have an issue with Valdez.

“I have never used banned substances to improve my performance,” Valdez said in a video posted on his social media. “I never have and never will. I am respectful of anti-doping tests since my time as an amateur and now as a professional.”

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