Oscar Valdez Vs Robson Conceicao Full Fight Video Highlights – August 10

Watch Full Fight Video Highlights Of Oscar Valdez Vs Robson Conceicao WBC Featherweight Title Fight – September 10th, 2021. Oscar Valdez overcame serious trouble to win a Unanimous decision over Robson Conceicao

Fight Rephrased Recap

Oscar Valdez did everything he had to preserve his world title of WBC feathers who defeated Robson Concaica with a unanimous decision Friday.

Valdez was in first place, but he could finally cancel the concession in the paintings of the paintings to win a unanimous decision with the scores of Stephen Blea (117110), Omar Mintun (115112) and Chris Tellez (115112).
Conceicao (161, 8 Kos), an Olympic gold medal gave a big step in the competition against Valdez, which left an impressive annoying victory over the former Championship Miguel Berchelt to win the pen title of the Pen of the CMB Earlier this year with a sensational knockout that means the greatest profit than his professional career.

Oscar Valdez defeats Robson Conceicao Retains WBC Title Photo 2

“[Victory] It does it better,” said Valdez, ESPN Mark Kriegel during his posto interview. “I spent for a difficult week, … We won the fight, we did what we had to do, and we continue to the next chapter.”
Valdez clearly was not happy with Conceilao and released his complaints in his back on the fight, since the latter has done so many absurd things in the accumulation and refused to involve him during the fight.
“It makes it complicated when someone is trying to manage the whole fight,” said Valdez. “I mean, I’m trying to put a good show for my fans, I’m trying to give fans what they want, which is a good fight, but you know, if you want to run, you know, you can’t win a struggle running like this .

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[…] Oscar Valdez Vs Robson Conceicao Full Fight Video Highlights […]