ONE Empower Results – Stamp Fairtex Defeats Aloyna Rassohyna Reaches Semi-Finals Of Atomweight Grand Prix


Stamp Fairtex Defeats Alyona Rassohyna At ONE Empower

Stamp Fairtex, calm and composed was able to fight through Aloyna Rassohyna takedowns, defend numerous submission attempts to pick up a well earned Unanimous Decision, progressing to the semi-finals of the ONE Atomweight Grand Prix at ONE Empower on Friday at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

Stamp started out with composed leg kicks and avoided attacks from Rassohyna but a sudden surge from the latter, powered Fairtex down to the canvas. Fairtex was very powerful on the canvas and was able reverse submission attempts from Rassohyna, landed a few elbows and got back to her feets.

Stamp Fairtex Defeats Alyona Rassohyna At ONE Empower Photo 2

Rassohyna showed strength and never slowed down in the second after taking a few kicks and punches from the bigger Fairtex, she went attempted a take down and succeeded, then attempted a an arm bar which almost got Fairtex tapping but that got reversed and eventually got herself an opportunity for a rear naked choke but that too got reversed.

Rassohyna didn’t take it easy on Fairtex and kept taking the fight to the canvas as that was her place of dominance, Fairtex on her part will use the size difference to her advantage on the canvas and use it while landing huge elbows and knees to the overpowered Rassohyna.

The final round had similar action with Rassohyna scoring another takedown attempt and seeking a submission attempts one after the other. Fairtex was clearly dominant on the canvas but eat her fair share of strikes but was already far off on the scorecards and easily cruised to an easy unanimous decision.

Stamp Fairtex Defeats Alyona Rassohyna At ONE Empower Photo 3

ONE Empower Full Fight Card Results

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