ONE Empower Results – Ritu Phogat Def. Beng Bo Advanced Into Atomweight Grand Prix Semi-Finals


Ritu Phogat Defeats Meng Bo At ONE Empower

Ritu Phogat overcame serious trouble in the opening round to win a unanimous decision over Beng Bo to advance into the Atomweight Grand Prix Semi-Finals at ONE Empower on Friday, Singapore Indoor Stadium.

Beng Bo was dominant in the opening round and had Ritu Phogat in serious trouble dominating her with strikes and dropping her to the canvas with combinations then proceeded to dominate Bo on the canvas in what almost ended a first round stoppage victory for Ritu Phogat.

Ritu Phogat Defeats Meng Bo At ONE Empower Photo 3

Ritu Phogat recovered in the second round and was clearly dominant after taking the fight to the canvas and had Beng Bo in so much trouble that could be compared to that of her ordeal in the first round. The fight was brutal with knees to the head of Cleveland but She was surprisingly still in the fight by the end of that round.


The third round saw both fighters have their moments and Meng Bo was the first to stand out, sending Ritu Phogat to the canvas with a vicious uppercut but while trying to hold up her attacks while standing, Ritu Phogat was eventually dragged to the canvas and then, Meng established cross position over Ritu Phogat, battering her with knees from the one side and consistent elbows on the other side till the end of the round.

ONE Empower Fight Card Results

Ritu Phogat Defeats Meng Bo At ONE Empower Photo 2

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