ONE Empower Results – Jingnan Xiong Decisions Michelle Nicolini, Retains Strawweight World Title


Xiong Jing Nan Defeats Michelle Nicolini

Xiong Jing Nan was able to establish her case of greatness with a Unanimous Decision victory over Michelle Nicolini, retaining the ONE Women’s Strawweight Title in the Main event of ONE Empower on Friday at the Singapore Indoor Stadium Aug 3rd.

Xiong Jing Nan was able to make her fifth title defence and that leaves her the most dominant female champion in ONE Championship history and also riding in a 15 fight unbeaten streak which is now one above that of Angela Lee at Atomweight.

The fight started out with Xiong Jing Nan striking with leg kicks and skillful combinations that was giving Nicolini problems but the latter eventually went to a take down but could catch the champion but grabbed his legs, leaving the champion limping to the fence and on the fence the first round ended.

Xiong Jing Nan Defeats Michelle Nicolini Photo 2

The second round saw the champion land some serious kicks and ended up dropping Nicolini with one of them. Truly with his head movements Xiong Jing Nan was giving the BJJ specialist serious issues from a distance, Nicolini lunches and grabs a leg and went in for a series of leg submission attempts but the champion was able to evade the submission and survived the round.

Xiong Jing Nan had success early in the third in the with his combinations and kicks but the kicks were always creating an opening for Nicolini, who always looked to grab the legs and go to a takedown but one of those kicks landed way below the waist and there was a small stoppage for Nicolini to recover. Xiong Jing Nan was able to get the better of the exchanges on feet again with his explosive combinations but a grab on the of her legs led to a takedown attempt from Nicolini.

Xiong Jing Nan survived but instead of letting her go, Nicolini jumbs on The champion and after shakes from the champion to take her off, Xiong Jing Nan was left with no choice but to take her to the canvas, where Nicolini was able to have some success and was almost getting a submission when the third round ended.

Nicolini was clearly tired but very dangerous and throughout the fourth wasn’t able to score a serious take down but that was mostly the case too in the final round, Xiong Jing Nan kept peppering Nicolini with right left combinations through our and only visited the canvas ones. There Xiong Jing Nan was able to escape another grappling and submission attempt before the time ran out.

Xiong Jing Nan Defeats Michelle Nicolini Photo 3

Michelle Nicolini, a seven time Brazilian world jiu-jitsu champion was a tough and very dangerous opponent for Xiong Jing Nan but the day wasn’t Her’s as she fell to a defeat in the hands of one of the best strikers on ONE History.

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