ONE Empower Results – Itsuki Hirata Defeats Alyse Anderson, Enters Atomweight Grand Prix Semi-finals With Unanimous Decision


Itsuki Hirata Defeats Alyse Anderson At ONE Empower

Itsuki Hirata was the first to make it to the ONE Atomweight Semi Finals with a unanimous decision Alyse Anderson at ONE Empower at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on Friday, Aug 3rd.

Hirata and Anderson started the fight with an initial feel out but ones they engaged, it was action throughout the first five minutes. Anderson looked to use her striking with punches while Hirata looked to take the fight to the canvas using her combinations as a disguise but soon she was successful and took the fight to her place of power both struggled, while seeking for submission openings.

Itsuki Hirata Defeats Alyse Anderson At ONE Empower Photo 2

Hirata clearly took the round as she was busy landing on Anderson from the top while seeking for submission attempts.

The second round was more of the same as Hirata proceeded after a few leg kicks exchange to take the fight to the canvas, a success she was able to achieve numerous times using her Judo techniques and with that had Anderson struggling for most of the round. Hirata just couldn’t get a submission due to Anderson’s submission reversals and defence.

The final round saw Anderson take a completely different approach and overpowered Hirata early, connecting combinations that the Chinese fighter could comprehend, then dropped Hirata with an overhand right hand. Hirata overcame that and later scored a takedown and dominated Anderson ones again till time ran out.

Itsuki Hirata Defeats Alyse Anderson At ONE Empower Photo 3

Full ONE Empower Fight card Results

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