ONE Empower Results – Anissa Meksen KOs Cristina Morales In ONE Debut

Anissa Meksen KOs Cristina Morales At ONE Empower

Seven time kickboxing World champion Anissa Meksen made a winning Debut in ONE Championship Banner with a Knockout Victory over Cristina Morales at ONE Empower, which took place on Friday at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

Anissa Meksen brought her dominance to ONE Empower but Morales was a blento put up a game performance. Morales refused to hand the seven time world champion any opportunity to establish her dominance and while Nelsen connected with a two punch leg combination, Morales kept going in with her two punch combinations to the body.

Anissa Meksen KOs Cristina Morales At ONE Empower Photo 4

Meksen landed a few high kicks but Morales was able to take them and tried to land punches of her own but clearly trading with Meksen wasn’t doing Morales any good as the exchanges clearly was giving Meksen the advantage.

The second round was much fiercely contested and that decision to trade against Meksen eventually ended with a Knockout loss for Morales. The round started out with a kicks from Meksen, who as usual usually found home for her kicks but Morales answered with punches and tried working down forcing Meksen to the cage where she had a few success in the clinch.

After returning to the Center, Meksen and Morales got engaged in a back and forth quick exchanges that saw Meksen overpower Morales and a counter to Morales kick sent her to the canvas. That knockdown was the end as the referee saw a stunned Morales struggle with balance and called off the fight.

Anissa Meksen KOs Cristina Morales At ONE Empower Photo 5

ONE Empower Fight Card Results

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