Angel Acosta Relishes Beating Junto Nakatani To Become Two Division Champion

Angel Acosta Former WBO Junior Flyweight Champion

Angel Acosta will be looking to become a world champion in his second weight class, when he takes on Junto Nakatani this weekend but the big question during the build up so far is the right trainer to for the job ahead of the fight and Costa has a great answer for whoever is willing to ask.

Acosta (22-2, 21KOs), who seemed certain from onset, the person fit for the Job was Joel Diaz and after weeks of training with him, declared it a week to his fight with the unbeaten flyweight champion Nakatani (21-0, 16KOs).

“Joel Diaz is a world class trainer,” Acosta told “I’ve been in his camp these past few weeks and we are in sync. We work very well together. I follow all of his instructions to the letter.

“I am surrounded by incredible talent, there are five world champions in this gym. By September 10, I will bring a sixth world championship.”

The reason for this big question was the fact that the former Junior Flyweight champion need a trainer to work with after the passing of his father in-law and trainer Juan Muciño, who passed away a month to his fight with Nakatani, which takes place this Saturday at Casino del Sol in Tucson.

“It was my decision and also a team decision,” explained Acosta. “I spoke with my wife Arely [Muciño, a current women’s flyweight champion] after her father, my father-in-law—who was my trainer—passed away. We agreed that Joel was the best fit as did [Miguel Cotto Promotions’] Hector (Soto), Bryan (Perez) and Miguel (Cotto). It was agreed by all of us that it was the right decision to work with Joel.”

The fight has had to wait through numerous delays, largely due to COVID 19 and also a cancellation back in May but the will finally take place on Oscar Valdez vs Robson Conceicao fight card on Saturday.

Acosta is riding on a two fight winning streak which dates back to his loss to Elwin Soto back in 2019, the fight ended his Ewing as a Junior Flyweight titlist and led to his eventual move up to the Flyweight division.

Acosta was able to analyse the difference between his Father in-law and the new trainer Joel, stating their different areas of attention. Acosta obviously feels comfortable training with Joel.

“The biggest difference I see is in my technique,” admits Acosta. “Joel is very big on observing film—not just fights but even training sessions. He observes, picks up on something and adjusts the way I’m throwing my jab, the way I’m turning over my punches.

“I feel the difference immediately, he just has this way of teaching you that feels very comfortable. We will see it once I’m in the ring on September 10.”

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