Adrian Granados – Conor Benn First, Then Adrien Broner Rematch

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Adrian Granados will be taking on the huge task of handing a defeat to the fast rising British Super Lightweight contender Conor Benn and looks to establish himself a threat in the world scene when they both collide on Saturday night at the Emerald Headingley Stadium in Leeds, UK.

Granados has fought in wars, having involved himself in 33 professional fights and has enough information about big events and will love to take the opportunity to introduce the world to his awesome capabilities, which he believes are a step up for Conor Benn.

Granados was initially slated to face Benn in the first main event of Fight Camp in August but that got pushed to this card due to a positive COVID 19 pre-fight test result but with the fight now set to materialise, Granados wants to achieve a world title shot with a devastating victory over Been.

“I’ve been chomping at the bit for this fight,” said Granados. “It was frustrating at the time because we were ready to go. I was already in the zone and just ready to fight Conor, but it happened, this is the day and age we live in now where this can happen. I’m still crossing my fingers because we’re not there yet, when the bell goes, I’ll feel a little calmer. It worked out, I got a couple of days off and then flew home. We didn’t even stay for the fights. We flew right home and got back to work.

“It’s fight week, so I think he reignited the flame again, but he’s been pretty quiet the past few weeks. Leading up to the last fight he was very vocal and brash. I think somebody hit him with some peace of mind and he’s tried to go the humble route this time. We all know how Conor Benn is and we know the type of character he is, and it’s starting to come back.

Granados sees the brash and loud Conor Benn as someone with a not just a need for a humbling but also to teach him a lesson. He plans on bringing with him his 33 fight experience to match the best of Benn, which will go a long way in proving, he is one of the best fighters in the world.

There’s a big plan for Conor Benn to meet former four division champion Adrien Broner before the end of the year but that is set to be derailed by Granados, who also wants a rematch with former foe Broner, whom he believed he defeated but got robbed.

“I’m excited. I accept all challenges. If he thinks that he’s better than me on his worst day, I want his best. Don’t give me your worst, I want the best of Conor Benn so I can beat him straight out. I think I’m better than him. It’s not so much humbling him, it’s more teaching him a lesson. My career has been so up and down, and I’ve been in and out of so many different controversial things. I’m on a mission to prove my point that I’m still one of the best fighters in the world.

A lot of people are underestimating me. The odds are crazy right now. The way it looks they’re already making plans for him in December against Adrien Broner – somebody who I believe I beat as well. If I beat Conor then I’ll be like, ‘let me get that Broner fight’. Let me get my rematch. If he’s looking past me then let me look past him. If you guys have got future plans for him then I’m going to start making my own plans.

Granados has been at the end of some controversial decisions and that has made his record a little more ugly than supposed, leaving the Mexican a target for the Boxing Fans, who seem to attack him using that fact. However, Granados will love to make things right and that’s begins, if he is given a fair treatment in his upcoming bout.

Granados also promises action, not just the Conor Benn one-sided action but a two sided action that will also have a Mexican flavour. The 32 year old, promises to use all the tools in his tool box as he hopes to stop the high rising Brit in his tracks

“I don’t have the prettiest record in boxing and usually people are quick to attack me with that. The real diehards hit me with the fact that I’ve been robbed so many times. All three of my draws were clear wins and my losses – I count maybe half of them or three of them. I can’t accept all of those losses that I have. It’s just unfortunate. That’s why I feel boxing is actually killing itself. It turns people off the sport. I’m hoping for a fair shake and that justice is served, and that the best man wins.

“We’re both hot heads – I think him a lot more than I. I’ve got it in me. I’ve got that Mexican style. I’m that type if you hit me, I want to hit you back. It’s going to make for exciting fireworks. I’m excited for this fight, he’s excited for this fight and everyone is excited for this fight. We’re both planning on putting on a show. I just turned 32, I’m a young veteran. I’m a savvy vet and I’ve got a lot of tools in my toolbox. I think I’ve got a lot more to offer in a fight than Conor Benn.”

Conor Benn Vs Adrian Granados Press Conference Photos

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