Vergil Ortiz Jr Brutally Drops Egidijus Kavaliauskas Five Times, Stoppage In Eight

Vergil Ortiz Jr Punches Egidijus Kavaliauska

Vergil Ortiz Jr. delivered another Knockout victory over former title challenger Egidijus Kavaliauska in their welterweight bout on Saturday night at the Ford Center at The Star in Frisco, Texas.

Ortiz Jr. was able to survive and early scare  to drop the two-time Olympian and former title challenger Egidijus Kavaliauskas fives  times, four times times in the eight as he cruised to another impressive stoppage victory.

Vergil Ortiz Jr Egidijus Kavaliauska

Ortiz Jr. who won the biggest fight of his professional career with the victory was pushed into the deepest waters and the toughest experience before being ending the fight at exactly 2:59 of the eight round in the main event of a DAZN broadcasted fight card.

Ortiz started the fight with his left Jab out and at times doubled his Jab but Kavaliauskas was always within the range and could still connect. However, the former title challenger held back for most of the round and didn’t penetrate Ortiz’s high guard.

The was only allowed by Kavaliauskas in the first round. Ortiz opened the attack in the second round, capitalising on Kavaliauskas dropped guard to land a left hook and half uppercut as they were engaged in a close quartets exchange. The fight had migrated was becoming interesting and the local crowd rallied for their own

The Lithuanian then stunned and forced Ortiz to hold with an upper cut, followed it up with a big right hand and almost took a knockdown for those shots but the referee Laurence Cole ruled that a slip.

“He caught me with a good shot and I took it well,” Ortiz told DAZN’s Chris Mannix after the fight. “Nothing more. It’s boxing. I’ll be honest… I wasn’t as hurt as you think I was. He caught me with a good shot. It’s boxing, everyone’s going to get hit. I’m not even tired.

Kavaliauskas still had his best moments in the fight during the third round but that was marred with a late surge by Ortiz Jr., who suddenly sent the two time Olympian to the canvas with a four punch combination ending it with a Power Jab that landed flush on Kavaliauskas chin toward the closing seconds of the round.

Ortiz Jr. didn’t run into the fourth round with knockout intentions despite his knockout ratio because, he sensed that Kavaliauskas had fully recovered from the knockdown. Ortiz Jr however stuck behind his jab throughout the fourth. Ortiz kept connecting his right hand and a left hook on Kavaliauskas, who was busy looking for openings to land a right hand around Ortiz guard.

Kavaliauskas found his way into the fight by the sixth round and became the aggressor and connecting his right hand at will despite still fighting against the same tight defence Ortiz Jr had employed from the beginning of the fight, only his left hands were down long enough to be countered.

Ortiz Jr had his hooks on point in the seventh round, landing some flush punches to the lead and body of Kavaliauskas. Ortiz went brutal towards the end of the round and finished the round landing a big upper cut that snapped Kavaliauskas’s head backward.

The eight round witnessed three knockdowns, first floored Kavaliauskas with a right hand and uppercut. The referee issued a count but Kavaliauskas only lasted 0:30 before visiting the canvas again and again in a few moments before the referee’s waved off the fight.

Ortiz landed the better punches of the fight, landing 148-of-389 total punches which is almost twice as high as Kavaliauskas, who connected compared to 75-of-391.

Vergil Ortiz Jr defeats Egidijus Kavaliauska

Kavaliauskas’s record now drops to 22-2-1 (18KOs) with his second professional loss. His first loss was in the hands of Terence Crawford back in 2019. Ortiz Jr has has been able to retain his unbeaten record and his 100% Knockout record 18-0 18 KO’s.

Vergil Ortiz Jr has always expressed his interest in facing other top welterweight titlist and contenders, especially Terence Crawford but now he plans to face any any champion that takes his challenge.


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