Lee McGregor Overcomes Knockdown, Stops Vincent Legrand In the Fourth Round

Lee McGregor Boxer

Surging Bantamweight Lee McGregor (11-0, 9 KOs), overcame an early knockdown to finish previously unbeaten Vincent Legrand (32-1, 17 KOs). in the fourth round to retain his EBU title at Falls Park, Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom.

McGregor picked up the title back in February when he knocked out Karim Guerfi in the first round but LeGrand, who is a two time EBU champion at Flyweight was visibly in deep waters from the opening bell.

LeGrand had his boxing on point, connecting some well calculated shots but McGregor was bigger and was using the huge size difference to his advantage. McGregor pressed forward forcing LeGrand into reverse and counter mode.

Legrand cane to live in the second round and had McGregor in trouble, connecting a series of shots that wobbled the local favourite on the ropes then dropped him, shocking the local fans before the vmbell was heard.

McGregor looked to make amends in the third round and moved forward to that effect, looking to mix things up but LeGrand defended well and had his counters on point and as time went on, McGregor’s eyes had started swelling.

McGregor came out firing in the fourth round and eventually had LeGrand pinned to the ropes before connecting a big body shot that left his previously unbeaten challenger in pains and eventually down on the canvas throughout the referee’s count.

Lee McGregor currently holds the British Bantamweight title , Common Wealth Bantamweight title and European Bantamweight title.

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