Jazza Dickens – Kid Galahad Is Slick But Doesn’t Inflict Pain

Jazza Dickens Weigh in

Jazza Dickens is prepared to match everything Kid Galahad will be bring to the ring for their IBF Featherweight title fight this weekend at MatchRoom Fight Camp in Essex. The fight will be Broadcasted live on DAZN.

Dickens (30-3, 11 KOs) and Galahad (27-1, 16 KOs)  have been friends in the past and have shared numerous sparring sessions but will be will to drop that all behind for their world title collision this weekend. Dickens briefed the press during their final pressed Conference of his journey and how important the world title fight is to him.

“I’ve had great preparations thanks to my team, everyone around me. I’m grateful to be on this platform, DAZN and Matchroom, kicking off some great nights head. I’ve had great fights leading up to this point and it’s a fight for a World Title, I’ve ticked every box below so now I’m in a good position now” Dickens said.

“Of course, I had to take the opportunity but not on his [Galahad] terms, he might be slick but I’m better. I’m a good fighter, I know what I can do, he can be as slick as he wants. Slick doesn’t inflict any pain on me, he can be as slick as he likes, so I’ll win the fight how I want to win the fight. I’m looking forward to it”.

Dickens will head into the fight without a game plan as he believes that, game plans tend to fail ones the opponent has an answer to them but with adaptation being the goal, an answer could be worked out for any game plan.

Kid Galahad Jazza Dickens IBF Title Fight

“People talk about game plans, I don’t really consider them too much because they go out the window, when something is going well you keep doing it, you adapt on the fly. I’ll be resilient in there and able to adapt to anything that he brings” Dickens added.

“It’s the best to think like that, this sport is the best and worst, I’ve endured both sides and come through it. To get my crown on Saturday it would be beautiful, I’m grateful to be on this platform.”

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