David Haye To Fight Joe Fournier In Boxing Return

David Haye Boxing 1

Former Heavyweight world champion David Haye will be making a brief ring return to face a friend Joe Fournier on the 11th of September at the Staples Centre in Los Angeles.

The fight will take place on the Card which also features the return of Boxing Legend Oscar De La Hoya Vs MMA Legend Victor Belfort.

Haye returns after three years away from the squared circle and though it’s going to be brief according to him, He will be looking to win a fight after losing via knockout in his last professional bout against Tony Bellew back in 2017.

Fournier is on a nine fight winning streak. However and for whatever reason, he made his boxing debut back in 2015 and as an entrepreneur, seem to compete in the Sport for fun. Haye, who is close friends with Fournier explained everything behind the fight.

“This whole fight between us, came into existence when at dinner with a group in Mykonos we were asked who would win in a fight between us.

“I laughed, but out of respect for Joe’s ego suggested it would be close, maybe a draw – whilst winking to Joe.

“Joe’s straight-faced response was very different, he was deadly serious stating he would win in a fight today.”

From Haye’s explanation above, it is clear that the fight is a more about Bragging Rights, a one off and not a full return.

The 38 year old Fournier, admits Haye deserves absolute respect for his accomplishments but believes, all those are in the past and with age and fitness on his side, he would definitely best the former world champion.

“I have immense respect for David’s past achievements, but his time has passed. I’m younger, fitter and faster. He may have been world heavyweight champion, but that moment has gone, I am still learning the sport, coming into my prime,” added Fournier in the same statement.

“His demise will meet my rise and come September 11th the boxing world is in for a huge shock.”

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