Dana White Drops Oscar De La Hoya vs Vitor Belfort Prediction

UFC president Dana White UFC 255

UFC President Dana White gave his view of the anticipated return of Boxing Former Champion Oscar De La Hoya, who enters the ring after about 14 years against retired MMA fighter Vitor Belfort on the 11th of September at the Staples Centre.

White and De La Hoya haven’t been good friends over the years and as expected, White aired his opinion and his hopes ahead of the anticipated fight.

“I’m praying Vitor knocks this crackhead out – and viciously,” White said on “The Pat McAfee Show.” He added, “Viciously knocks him out.”

Both were able to reach the pinnacle of their respective vocations. De La Hoya is a former boxing world champion while Belfort is a former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion and both will meet on a Triller Fight Club fight card.

De La Hoya will make his first ring appearance since his 2008 wide points loss to Manny Pacquiao, while Belfort will be making his second appearance in the boxing ring. Belfort won his debut with a knockout back in 2006 and most recently competed in 2018.

White was quick to give his prefered outcome for the fight, which isn’t surprising in any sense. This is due to the fact that the two have always had misunderstanding about almost everything under the sun. However, he is willing to give De La Hoya probs for being one of the best Boxers in the planet.

“As much as I can’t stand that dirt bag, De La Hoya is legit,” White said. “Back in the day when me and De La Hoya were cool, I actually was up in his camp. Just his jab could knock people out. De La Hoya in his prime was the real deal. This is a real fight between two real guys. I think that Vitor obviously has the power to KO him, but De La Hoya’s no joke, either.”

However, White found a way to chip in De La Hoya’s history with banned substances and reiterating his wish to see De La Hoya lay flat on the canvas.

“Hopefully all the coke sniffing and tequila drinking and whatever other sh*t that guy has been up to has caught up with him,” White said, “and Vitor lays one right on the big mouth of his and knocks him unconscious.”

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