Caleb Plant Fancies Chances Of Defeating Canelo Alvarez

Celeb Plant - IBF Super Middleweight Champion

IBF Super middleweight Champion Caleb Plant will be taking on the seemingly impossible task of defeating Saul Canelo Alvarez to unify the WBC, WBA, WBO and IBF 168 Pound World titles on Nov.6th.

Plant, who takes on the biggest and toughest fight in his career might never be able to get on a stage as big as a Canelo Alvarez fight, if he fails to deliver on Nov 6th. However, Plant is assuring everyone of a competitive fight with Alvarez and he plans to shock on how easily he will achieve that.

“I mean, I’m willing and ready to take it wherever it has to go to get my hand raised,” Plant said when asked if he would welcome a “brutal” fight versus Alvarez. “But don’t be surprised if it’s easier than y’all think.”

Plant has been able to retain his unbeaten record with his skills, Boxing IQ and athletism, racking up 21 victories and among those victories are 8KOs but that doesn’t measure him up with Alvarez, that has consistently taken out every major fighter in the division.

Alvarez (56-1-2, 38 KOs) goes into this fight with a huge possibility of unifying the Super Middleweight division within a year. He started out last year with defeating Callum Smith (27-1, 19 KOs) via a wide unanimous decision to win the WBA/WBC 168 pound world titles, which he defended ones before knocking out WBO champion Billy Joe Saunders (30-1, 14 KOs) in the 8th round of their fight back in May.

Canelo Alvarez knocks out Billy Joe Saunders

Plant is unbeaten but has faced a very low level of opposition as compared to Alvarez since picking up the title with a unanimous decision over Jose Uzcategui and Mike Lee (21-1, 11 KOs),Vincent Feigenbutz (33-3, 29 KOs) and former champ Caleb Truax (31-5-2, 19 KOs, 1 NC) are levels below Alvarez but plant sure fancies his chances of winning.

“I mean, I like my chances in any fight,” Plant said. “If I didn’t believe that I can win, y’all wouldn’t have these cameras in front of my face right now. And, you know, you guys have made plenty of fight predictions before and you guys have been wrong. But you know how many times I’ve been wrong? None.

“And ever since I started boxing, from my first tournament that I went to, people telling me what I can’t be, what I can be. You know, I don’t belong in this sport, I’m never gonna become a world champion. And it seems like the more people tell me I couldn’t, the more I believe in myself. And at this point, every comment or every time someone says that you can’t do it, I feel like I’m just even more right. You know what I’m saying? So, I’m just ready for the fight.”


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