Deontay Wilder Has Crazy Power But No Skill Set TO Match That Power – Tony Bellew

Deontay Wilder - Tyson Fury 12th round Knockdown

Former Crusierweight champion Tony Bellew has given his take on the upcoming trilogy fight between WBC champion Tyson Fury and Former champion Deontay Wilder, who he thinks really deserves credit for his heavy right hand but feels he really needs skill to back it up.

The two have already met twice, with Fury emerging victorious with a seventh round knockout of the previously unbeaten Wilder back in February 2020. The two first met back in December 2019, when the both fought to a controversial draw. Wilder scored a  two massive knockdowns with one a near knockout however, Fury survived and controlled the remaining minutes of the fight.

Fury and Wilder will now meet to for the third time on the 24th of July. Fury will be seeking redemption as his knockout victory wasn’t accepted by Wilder and his camp. Wilder had lots of excuses for the loss and will want to prove every Boxing Fan and professionals that his excuses were legit. Whatever the case, there is a lot at stake and the potential winner will stand a chance of landing a potential unification fight with Unified heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua.

However, Bellew saw many holes in Wilder’s game in the first and second battle. He only saw him throwing wild punches and seemed out of control.

“There’s telegraphing punches and then there’s skimming the lights above the ring – that’s what Deontay Wilder was doing. His punches were that wild and that crude. He was out of control. He may have crazy power and he might be the biggest punching heavyweight since Mike Tyson, but he has no class and he has no skillset to match that power,” Bellew told Talk Sport.

“So it’s like a bull in a china shop. He doesn’t know what he’s doing. He can’t set his attacks up, his jab was just useless in the fight, he didn’t know what to do. Even when he had Tyson Fury down and out [in the first fight] he couldn’t finish him.

“Think about this, if Tyson Fury gets dropped by Anthony Joshua, do you genuinely believe he’s going to be able to see out the round? Anthony Joshua is one of the best finishers…. right now he’s the best finisher in the heavyweight division.”

Wilder has since made a couple of changes to the team, bringing in Former Foe Malik Scott as his head trainer and replacing those he felt caused the holes in his game. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to witness the improvements the changes has done until fight night.

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