Floyd Mayweather Controls Logan Paul, Fails To Deliver In Freak Show

Floyd Mayweather Jr Logan Paul Fight

Retired five division champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. and totally inexperienced YouTuber Logan Paul hugged all the way through eight rounds in their exhibition at the hard rock Stadium on Sunday night.

The Boxing legend couldn’t score a knockout despite having a large difference in experience as compared to the 0-1 professional fighter, who lost his Boxing debut to fellow YouTuber Olajide popularly known as KSI. Paul had all the physical advantages over Mayweather, outweighing him with 34½ pounds during the weigh in on Saturday.

Mayweather Jr. was 18 years older but was mostly the aggressive fighter of the two, landing the harder punches, while still maintaining his defensive reputation through the eight rounds.



Paul was however, successful in the first three rounds, landing a couple of punches and a flurry towards the end of the first round, right before the bell and also made glaring his physical advantages when forcing a hug from the retired Boxing Legend.

No winner was announced after the eight round exhibition because no judge was assigned to score the fight. Mayweather Jr. was no doubt the winner despite failing to score a knockout in his second exhibition since stoping UFC star Conor McGregor in his last professional fight back in 2017. Mayweather’s first exhibition ended with a first round knockout victory over Japanese featherweight kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa in Saitama Japan.

Mayweather Jr. came into action in the third round, landing multiple shots in close range while they were both tied up and also connected a counter left hook on Paul before the round ended. Before then “Money” had mostly stayed out of punching range and avoided being caught with Paul’s Jab.

Paul was already tiring in the fourth and Mayweather was ready to capitalise. He started with landing a right hand, then went on to land a series of flush punches that forced Paul into retreat and holding. Before then, Paul landed a right hand on Mayweather’s face but that didn’t stop the unusually aggressive legend from coming forward for his pound of flesh afterwards.

A left hook connected on Paul’s stomach in the fifth and an uppercut before the end of the round.

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