Tyson Fury Vs Deontay Wilder Trilogy – Big Questions, Analysis And Early Prediction

Deontay Wilder Vs Tyson Fury Promotional TourStarting this week with a “Wow” shouldn’t be surprising, after Boxing ones again handed the HardCore boxing fans another low blow with the announcement of a trilogy fight between former WBC champion Deontay Wilder and Reigning Champion Tyson Fury.

A total shock, after the “Gypsy King” had as reportedly been close to concluding a deal for an all British Mega fight with unified heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua. The Joshua-Fury fight should have been the best description of “The Best Fighting The Best” , coupled with the fact that, all available belts will be at stake for the fight, which has now been push further by actual reality.

Fury will now be fighting Wilder after 18 months since their second meeting, a fight that should have been fought and forgotten by now as the set date was set for June/July of 2020. At this point, I won’t lie, I had forgotten “The Bronze Bomber” whose last appearance on the front page or blogs was back in December, when news circulated about his legal route to secure the trilogy fight.

Deontay Wilder Tyson Fury Rematch 1002

Joshua on the other hand, will now be fighting Oleksandr Usyk as ordered by the WBO. A fight which has very appeal at the moment as Usyk hasn’t really touched the heart of boxing fans as a Heavyweight. As usual, the British fans will troop in for the fight but most boxing fans will have a big question mark on the fight and might not really pay to watch as compared to how massive the Joshua-Fury would have been and the recognition it would have give them.

Instead of talking about the discipline of Joshua and the boxing skills possessed by Fury, we will return back to the questions of whether Wilder will turn up in the third fight after being outclassed in the first and second meeting with Fury.

Yes there were questions from the rematch with Wilder questioning the loyalty of his team and the authenticity of Fury’s glove, which he claimed to have been wrapped with an egg size object, which was used to inflict serious damage on his face and ear during the fight. He also posted a video that even a skeptic like me seemed forced to believe his claim about Fury’s glove. Then again the fact that his costume was too heavy for his legs. Hopefully, he brings them along when he comes with to the ring on the tentative date July 24th.

Strongly believe Fury will still be victorious in this one as everyone else will be thinking at the moment. He looks a lot in shape and more like someone living more in the gym. Wilder still remains silent and hopefully he dedicated more time to his training as much as he dedicated to fighting for the third fight and has less than two months to improve his Timing, Footwork and Ring IQ , which were all poor in his last outing.

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