Devin Haney Wobbled By Jorge Linares, Held-On To Retain WBC Lightweight Title

Devin Haney has successfully defended his WBC Lightweight title for the third time  with a Unanimous decision victory over Three time world champion Jorge Linares on Saturday night at the Mandalay Bay’s Michelob Ultra Arena.

Devin Haney Jorge Linares
Devin Haney Defeats Jorge Linares

Haney had to survive to survive a late scare from Linares, who wobbled him with a combination in the final seconds of the 10th round. The Champ had no choice but to indulge in a lot of holding in the last two rounds, enough to see him sneak away with a decision.

Haney was hell bent on knocking out Linares and was able to ignite the crowd with a good performance, up until he got hurt in the 10th round. With that, he was far ahead on the scorecards and judges scored the fight Judges Dave Moretti (115-113), Patricia Morse Jarman (116-112) and Steve Weisfeld (116-112) all scored the fight for Haney.

Many Boxing fans don’t believe that Haney to be among the top 135 pound fighters and had him booed when he jumped on the ropes after been declared the winner of the WBC championship fight. However, credit still needs to be given to him as he was able to take care of business despite facing a well experienced veteran, with a lot of wars.

Devin Haney Def Jorge Linares

Haney retained his unbeaten record with the victory (26-0, 15KOs) in the biggest win of his career. He is now the first to defeat Linares with a Unanimous decision. Linares’s previous five defeats were all technical knockout losses.

“I came in here, I got the win and I’m satisfied,” Haney told DAZN’s Chris Mannix during his post-fight interview. “That’s what the fans wanted to see, if I could go in there and I could walk my opponent down, hit him with some big shots. I showed that I could do it all. I can box, I can bang. You know, he hit me with a good shot. I faced adversity and I got the job done.”

Haney was quick to make his presence known, throwing numerous shots at Linares early in the first round. He used speed to his advantage in the second round against Linares but with that came with repercussions, as he was warned in the for fouling.

Devin Haney Jorge Linares Right Hook
Devin Haney Jorge Linares Right Hook


Haney dominated Linares, knocked his head backwards and connected a left uppercut in the third. Linares took the fight to Haney in the forth , connecting two heavy left  hook and a combination but the champ shook it off and landed a left hook of his own.

Haney landed an uppercut early in the fifth and took the fight to Linares’s body later in the round. Linares right hand connected, followed by two left hooks in the final 30 seconds but Haney wasn’t bothered and blasted back with power shots of his own.

Haney connected a big right and an uppercut 1:10 in the sixth round but was at the opposite end 10 seconds later as Linares drilled him with a right hand. Haney closed the sixth with a right that briefly stunned Linares.

A combination towards the end of the 10th round wobbled the Haney and Linares used the opportunity to mock the champ, who couldn’t find his steps while working towards his corner.

“It was a good shot,” Haney said. “I was never hurt. But at the end of the day, I’m gonna go in there, box smart. He hit me with a good shot. I never was hurt, but I still continued to box smart.

“Sometimes when you get hit with a good shot, I wasn’t hurt, but you gotta still be smart in there. And that was the game plan. You know, even if you get hit with a good shot, you still box smart, you still continue to do what your game plan was. And I did that, and I got the win.”

Linares came to life in the eleventh, while Haney still didn’t have his legs under him. He connected a left hook affected Haney, who was now so careful and engaged in holding till he was able to get his senses and land good punches of his own towards the end of the round.

Devin Haney beats Jorge Linares

Linares tried to finish off Haney in the final round and drew a warning from the referee for hitting Haney behind the head. Haney held on till the final bell to win the fight.

Devin Haney WBC Lightweight Champion
Devin Haney WBC Lightweight Champion
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