Spurs Vs Man Utd – Solskjaer Drops Big Hint Ahead Of Tottenham Visit

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer Celebrates

Manchester United endured one of their worst defeats in the hands of  Jose Mourinho’s Tottenham Hotspur back in October and according to Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, the Players have been able to get over what represents a “black dot” in their season.

Solskjaer didn’t want a go deep into the conversation but made clear, his team saw their 6-1 defeat as an added motivation ahead of their visit the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

 He Smiled “We’ve done really well and got good results but every game lives its own life. We have to perform, nothing you’ve done before will help on the pitch apart from, as you say, the confidence. The confidence should be good and we should be ready to go from the kick-off because we know that they’ve got some of the top players in the country.”

Despite the challenge the North London side will bring, especially playing at home, having a full rest during the week and under a coach as experienced as Jose Mourinho, Solskjaer believes the Club definitely loves the position the find their self and would prefer playing in the Europa League Quarter finals with Spurs in the weekend than otherwise.

 “Yes we have to get used to it. We did it last season and we’ve done it a couple of times this season and it’s something the players will just take head on. It’s a challenge. They’ve had a free week but we’d rather be in the quarter-finals having this problem instead of not.”

The game against Tottenham will be an opportunity to hand Spurs a payback cheque for the loss but Ole believes, the game is far more than paybacks but more about results as United look to take away every available point from the game.

 “No! It’s been a challenge but it’s been really good as well. We’ve not really played any games that you can practice because you have to get results. Pre-season next season will hopefully give us a chance to try a few things, but now it’s about results and we’ll be ready on Sunday.”

Solskjaer didn’t fail to admit the fact that Spurs are built up with all round quality, starting from the Keeper, Kane , Son, whom he admits, have been a huge revelation this season and his side will definitely give their best defending against the forwards.

 “They’re a team full of quality players from the keeper to wide left, but of course Son and Kane have been a revelation this season and they caused us loads of problems in the first game [earlier in the season] as well and we know we have to defend well against them.”

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