Spurs 1 – 3 Man Utd Recap – Red Devils Revenge With Spectacular Comeback

Fred Rodriguez Manchester United Vs Tottenham Hotspur

Second Half

Manchester United showed Jose Mourinho’s Tottenham Hotspur what they are made of, coming from a goal down to win 1 – 3 at the Tottenham Hotspur stadīum, thanks to goals from Fred, an Edinson Carvani Header and Mason Greenwood.

Manchester United started the second half with more determination, which could be seen in the opening minutes of the second half, pushing the Spurs to back into their own defence. Spurs has good touches of their own but weren’t as dangerous as the Red Devils.

The Reds were able to go leveled with a good finish from Fred 12 minutes into the second, opening the two sides to a more leveled game and coupled with the potential of either sides going he with a all three points available for the fixture.

Rashford was replaced with Mason Greenwood after the sixty minute mark, which was a good change as Rashford’s fitness seems to be coming into question this days. Paul Pogba and Bruno Fernandez were also a key factors in the push for a winner as their creativity was superb since the start of the second.

Greenwood was able to set up Edinson Carvani for United’s second goal after a Fernandez nutmeg. Carvani’s positioning has never been questioned as he was able to beat the Spurs defence for, heading in from close range to put United ahead.

Edinson Carvani Manchester United vs Tottenham Hotspur

The Game looked more cagey from then on as Tottenham came out for an equaliser also opening up for United to catch them on a counter. Bale was brought in to push the attack but his impact was minimal as the United defence was still too much for the Spurs.

Greenwood finally made his way on the score-sheet with a great finish during the added time. Finishing the game with an assist and a goal. United were creative with the ball the Spurs defence had no answers to the goals especially the final two.

Manchester’s United with the win remain second, seven points ahead of Leicester City in third and eleven points behind league leaders Manchester City.

First Half 

Tottenham Hotspur showed more determination in the opening ten minutes of the game, dominating the Red Devils with tackles, possession and were even able to muster two attempts on target.

Manchester United made a lot of mistakes in the opening minutes, making wrong passes and unsuccessful long balls, which mostly handed their host the ball and another opportunity to go at the United unorganised defence.

Manchester United gradually grew into the game and began taking up more possession, while mostly looking to find Rashford with a long ball behind the unsuspecting Spurs defence.

United showed great creativity in setting up their first shot. A long ball was headed down to Edison Carvani, who quickly sets Rashford up but the forward was slow, leaving the onrushing Spurs defenders the opportunity to send his shot out for a corner.

The third 10 minutes of the game saw both sides battle in the midfield, with both cancelling themselves out before the ball gets to the final third. However, Manchester United looked more dominant there, working the ball all round the midfield.

Manchester United finally scored thanks to some good combination between Paul Pogba and Carvani. However, the goal was ruled out by VAR as Scott McTominay, who began the creative run was guilty of unintentionally hitting Son in the face to while escaping before setting Pogba up with a pass.

United got made to pay for their defensive errors few minutes after the their goal got cancelled. A long ball from the Spurs halve got to Kane, who was able to control the ball in the mist of troubling Manchester defenders, then sets up Son for a spectacular close finish.

The first Half ended 1-0 in favour of The Spurs but there was a lot and many question marks in both teams for the Managers (Jose Mourinho and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer) to ponder on during 5he break ahead of the second half.

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