UFC On ABC 1 Video Highlights – Carlos Condit Vs Matt Brown

Carlos Condit picked up a unanimous decision victory over Matt Brown in their brutal back and fourth welterweight battle which served as the Co-Main event of the UFC on ABC 1.

Condit was initially reluctantly in taking the fight to the canvas by defending many takedown attemps but later showed his superiority when he decided. He constantly caused damage by scoring numerous takedowns in his bid to cause constant damage to Brown.

The fight was scored 30-27 by all Judge’s for Condit, who  gave Brown to opportunity for a feel out period by connecting numerous Carlos Condit Defeats Matt Brown UFC On ABC 1 immediately the opening bell was heard. The multistrike combinations included headkicks that were almost connecting but Brown showed maturity and patience in avoiding those shots.


Brown took the top spot while on the canvas and continuously hammered from the top but Condit made a stunning reversal that saw him climb back to the top before the end of the round.

The second round was much more competitive with both fighters engaging much more in stand up striking. Brown started out firing and was able to connect one of his trademark elbows that rocked Condit and ignited a reaction from the former interim champion. Condit fired back in succession, slipping as shots through Brown defence.

Condit switched the fight to the canvas in retaliation to Brown’s takedown in the first, ground and pounded Brown on the canvas.

Brown connected a very big punch in with five minutes remaining, the thudding right hand rocked Condit but instead of following it up. He went for a take down but brownnwas able to rehearse that attempt dropped him and pounders him to the final horn.


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