UFC 257 Video Highlights – Dustin Poirier Vs Conor McGregor Rematch


Dustin Poirier handed Conor McGregor a revenge for the loss he incurred six years ago. Poirier was able to earn a stoppage win in the Main Event of UFC 257, which took place at Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Poirier was able to hold back McGregor’s early attack and was able to unleash his power, dominating the former two division champion to a stoppage with a leg kicks that was followed by a series punches that led to the eventual stoppage.

The fight was stopped at exactly 2:23 of the second round and marked the biggest win of his professional career and just didn’t avenge his loss to McGregor but also defeated the biggest fighter in combat sports.

Both fighters known for their striking, Poirier was able to takedown Conor McGregor in the opening round but wasn’t enough as both tactically scrambled on the cage and McGregor was able to get back to his feet. The Irish former two division champion unleashed a series of relentless attack on Poirier, a combination of leg kicks, Punches elbows.

Dustin Poirier Tags Conor McGregor UFC 257

After moving back to the Center of the Octagon Poirier was able to gain the Irishman’s attention with leg kicks and even ended the frame with a serious right hand.

Poirier gained more grounds in the second round as his calf kicks was earning him some advantage. He was also dishing out some fast combinations. McGregor was able to land a few strikes but there wasn’t much to write home about on them and Poirier was able to detect it.

Dustin Poirier was able to corner Conor McGregor on the cage with a fearless rain of relentless attack then dropped him to the mat with a right hook. Poirier senced the end and followed up with a big right hand followed by a left hand that prompted the stoppage by referee Herb Dean.

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