Ryan Garcia Mocks Gervonta Davis, Who Vows To Fight Him Next

Ryan Garcia Crown After Luke Campbell Win

Garcia, fresh off his win over Lightweight contender Luke Campbell has shown great interest in facing WBA Champion Gervonta Davis and both have been seriously engaging in social media exchanges.

Ryan Garcia was a ble to overcome a Knockdown in the second round of the contested with Campbell and was able to stage a competitive fight  that ended up with him being victorious with a seventh round stoppage.

Garcia (21-0, 18KOs) has been recognised by boxing fans for the performance against Campbell (20-4, 16KOs) but this is just the beginning for him as he has made clear both before and after the fight with Campbell that his motive remains, meeting in the ring with Baltimore knockout artist Gervonta Davis (24-0, 23KOs).

Their recent back and forth has also recently gotten former two time Undisputed Heavyweight Champion Mike Tyson as he was able to get Davis on the phone, while Garcia was onsite in his recent “HotBoxin” podcast in his bid to get them both trash talking it out.

“Mike, he got dropped by a guy that can’t even hit,” Davis exclaimed while on Facetime with Tyson.

Luke Campbell Dropped Ryan Garcia

This was all Davis needed to bring out the other side in Garcia, who dared Davis to try knocking him out and went ahead to mock his height. A five inch advantage he will own when they both decide to go into the ring.

“Go ahead and hit me with that shot,” dared a bow-tied García in response before mocking the five-inch height advantage he enjoys over the 26-year old southpaw. “Look at him… you gonna need a StairMaster, boy!

The two fighters have demonstrated they possess some incredible power, with Davis most recent being the six round one-punch knockout victory over former four division champion Leo Santa Cruz. The fight ended abruptly with after Davis Connected a left uppercut towards the end of the sixth round.

Garcia was quick to let Davis know that punches like that or opportunities to connect like that don’t always come in every fight.

“Keyword, keyword: would’ve… if. If you would’ve,” García mocked Davis in response.

“I’m gonna fight him next,” Davis vowed. “I’m gonna fight him next.”

The fight between Garcia and WBC world Lightweight Champion Devin Haney will soon be ordered by the Boxing Governing Body but there is an option for a pass on the fight, which would allow him meet with Davis, who is currently training without a fight.

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