Logan Paul Unhappy, Dana White Hates Him Because Of Jake

Logan Paul KSI

Logan Paul and Jake Paul have been up calling out professional fighters in Boxing and MMA which has made many people upset especially professionals, who don’t understand how people with very little experience will go that far because of a large following on social media.

While Logan Paul has gotten himself an opponent in retired five division champion Floyd Mayweather Jr, Jake Paul has been calling out UFC fighters both retired and active, which has angered the UFC Boss Dana White , who has now placed them both in te same category.

“He pissed off Dana White. (He’s been going) so hard on Dana White, and now Dana has grouped us together – which sucks,” Logan said on his “Impaulsive” podcast. “I love Dana White. I love the UFC. And now Dana’s mad at me because he thinks we’re the same person.”

Dana White has placed them both in the same group and has vowed to avoid doing any business with the two YouTube stars , who both look to make a great name for themselves in the sweet science of Boxing.

Logan Paul after KSI

“Neither one of those guys can fight. It’s all a big gimmick,” White said. “Like I said in a (recent) press conference, there’s a market for that. If people are dumb enough to spend their money watching that (expletive), I don’t know what to tell you. Good luck to them.”

Logan Paul has admitted he is hoping to fight in the UFC ones he is able to grow his skills in the sport. This won’t go well, if White still places him in the light he finds himself now.

“We’re so different. We’re so different,” Logan said. “I love the UFC fights. I want to do a UFC fight one day. I’m not saying now; let me get my skills up. … Dana, take me back. I’m not Jake. Please.”

Logan Paul lost his professional debut to fellow YouTube star KSI and is slated to prove people wrong by taking on one of the most experienced fighters that ever walked the planet in Floyd Mayweather Jr. Jake Paul on the other hand is looking to step up his opposition after going 2-0 with his recent knockout victory over former NBA Star Nate Robinson.

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