Dominic Ingle Felt Disappointed Brook Lost To Crawford

Dominic Ingle Kell Brook

Trainer Dominic Ingle had a few to say about the Fourth Round knockout loss of his former student Kell Brook to WBO welterweight champion Terence Crawford during the weekend.

Brook (39-3, 27 KOs) 34, during the preparation for the fight with Crawford (37-0, 28 KOs), decided to go with another team, lead by a different trainer into the fight and at the end, things didn’t go as planned. Ingle believes, the former IBF welterweight champion didn’t have the right team around him to coach him during the fight.

“Going into that fight and doing it himself more or less. It doesn’t matter what people say,” said Ingle about Brook training. “For those types of fights, you’ve got to have the right team around you.
“It’s no good people pumping you up and telling you what you want to hear and calling you champ. That’s nothing. It’s always what’s happening in training camps.

“Look at the fights he had with Errol Spence and Gennadiy Golovkin. He only lost to the top guys, but he was always competitive in those fights. Last night, he looked good for two rounds.”

Despite fighting a pound for pound fighter of Crawford’s caliber, Ingle felt disappointed seeing Brook get knocked out by a shot he calls a “Weak Shot” and argued that , the Brook had been hit by better and heavier shots than that from Crawford.

Ingle believes Father time has also had his toll on the Sheffield fighter as getting down to 147 pounds was a huge task. Before the fight Brook, Crawford competed at weight classes above the welterweight division and even as high as 160 pounds.

“It was disappointing to see him go out that way really because Kell has got a lot more than that,” said Ingle. “It’s a big ask getting back down to that weight [147].

“Kell has got a lot of determination. You can’t fault him for that. The training camps he did with me, he put everything in. He always put 100% in, but you can’t beat Father Time sometimes.

“We all think we can do what we did when we were 21, but the reality is, we can’t. The disappointing thing for me is I honestly believe Kell Brook was the best at 147.”

Ingle also analysed the punched that sent Brook stumbling across the ring and didn’t see it equally power leveled with the ones Brook took from Errol Spence and Gennadiy Golovkin in his first two knockout losses.

Terence Crawford KOs Kell Brook
Terence Crawford Connected A Big Right Hand On Kell Brook In The November 14th Fight At The MGM Grand Conference Center

Crawford connected a right hand early in the fourth round that forced Brook stumbling to the ropes, scoring the first knockdown but it was after three more blows from Crawford before the referee administered a count for Brook.

“So he [Brook] got hit with a decent shot, a well-timed shot, but it’s nothing of the power of Golovkin or Errol Spence,” said Ingle. That was the beginning of the end for him.

“Yeah, you don’t often see Kell in that position. When he gets caught with a shot, even against Golovkin and Lomachenko, he bounced himself to the ropes, got a clear vision.

“His head cleared instantly when he fell back, but there was none of that this time. There was no holding or grabbing or trying to be defensive or anything.

Whatever Ingles opinion on the knockout, it was always clear Brook was heading for a loss against Crawford due to his Inactivity and also the fact that, he was moving down to a weight class he never competed in over three and a half years.

The punches from Crawford might never be as hard as that from GGG or Spence as Crawford is a small welterweight but his boxing skills, movement and ring IQ will always speak volumes when he shares the ring with any fighter.

Brook might now need to move back to the Junior middleweight division and try rejuvenating his career and he might need to face a more decent opposition there to revive his career but if the motive is to continue fighting lesser oppositions, then the best for him is to retire

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