Manchester United 0 – 0 Manchester City PL Video Highlights And Recap

Manchester United and Manchester City played out a goalless draw at Old Trafford with both sides settling for a point after 90 minutes of tactical football, spearheaded by Pep Guardiola and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

The First Half was such a cautious display with both teams being too afraid to commit players forwards. However, the Citizens were the more class and were able to create more dangerous chances in the Final Third than their host.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s team were more dangerous with set pieces and while they weren’t able to break through the City defence, they looked better with some great combinations and movements lead by Bruno Fernandez and Marcus Rashford which were only blunt in the finishing.

City, however had the best chance in the First Half but Mahrez couldn’t break the deadlock and there was another they got from a lovely break, which ended with De’bryne sending the ball over the goal.

Luke Shaw Tackles Kevin De'bryne Manchester Derby

A flurry of changes in the Second Half, signalled a better action was on the way, and Manchester City were expected to play better after registering the lowest amount of shots in the First Half of all their Premier League games this season.

Manchester United had a penalty ruled out by VAR, four minutes into the Second Half after Walker brings Marcus Rashford down in the penalty area but luckily for Guardiola’s Men, the incident was ruled an offside instead.

Manchester United Midfielders, Fred and McTominay were very cautious and were able to close out Kevin De’bryne in the midfield causing problems for City in the creative department. They defended deeper in the Second Half but gave City no chance for penetration.

As at the 86th minute of the game the two Manchester Sides had no shot on target, thanks to begin sloppy in the final third. City lacked fire power I. The final third but Manchester United were able to get a shot at Ederson but the shot was too straight at the City goalkeeper to cause any problems.

The game finally ended a draw and the two noisy neighbours settled for a point. Manchester United will chill with 20 points while City will settle with 19 points both presently 6th and 7th of on the Premier League table.

Scott McTominay Big Eve Manchester Derby

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