Lyndon Arthur Defeats Anthony Yarde With Split Decision

Dopeclics Lyndon Arthur Defeats Anthony Yarde 3
Dopeclics Lyndon Arthur Defeats Anthony Yarde On Saturday December 5th, 2020

Lyndon Author pulled off a stunner, held off former light heavyweight title challenger Anthony Yarde and earned a plot decision from the Judge’s in their light heavyweight battle in Church House at Westminster.

Lyndon Arthur Def Anthony Yarde

The result was in someway controversial as Ian John-Lewis got a 117-111 score for Anthony Yarde when other two judge’s, Michael Alexander and Marcus McDonnell got the fight 115 -114, which also was generous to Yarde, who did little to deserve that.

Arthur got himself injured during the warm up but managed to contain that short coming with just an arm, using his reach advantage to his favour.Arthur constantly plowed his Jab on Yarde’s face all night and when he connected, the Yarde was a four out of range and falling to adjust ended up paying for not making a change in decision or even adjusting his speed.

Dopeclics Anthony Yarde Lyndon Arthur 3

Yarde only sprang into action late in the fight, when he seemingly got Arthur hurt but even then, it was too late. After the fight, Yarde was shocked he lost the decision and Frank Warren, his Promoter told him to watch the replay before making a decision.

Arthur did a good job establishing his jab in the first two rounds though both mostly did some filling out. Yarde became the aggressor in the third round but Arthur constantly connected his left hand, hiding behind his Jab.

Dopeclics Anthony Yarde Lyndon Arthur 1

Yarde performed better in the fourth however Arthur moved well on the back-foot and connected one right before the end of the bell. Yarde, feeding off his progress in the fourth was much more aggressive in the fifth but failed to move his head, ended up feeding it to Arthur’s jab.

Yarde was able to connect a big right in the sixth round but Arthur took it well and by the eight round, Yarde had his Jab out and tried getting in range for his right hand. The ninth was much more closer the the other rounds but things went back to its usual pattern in the 10th.

Dopeclics Lyndon Arthur Defeats Anthony Yarde 1

Arthur was constantly being stalked by Yarde, who mostly couldn’t connect due to some awesome movement and Arthur was mostly throwing his punches with ease and connected clean each time. The eleventh had little action but that too saw Arthur landing cleaner of the two.

The final round was Yarde’s perfect round as he handed two big left hooks that sent Arthur backwards and despite being replied with a big right, Yarde was able to hurt Arthur with a big right that forced him into holding.

Lyndon Arthur Defeats Anthony Yarde

Yarde get going connecting two hooks before the end of the fight and after that raised his hands up, signifying he won the fight but that was only his opinion as the referee Victor Loughlin raised Arthur’s hand.

Lyndon Arthur

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