Logan Paul Blasts Canelo Alvarez Over Floyd Mayweather Fight Criticism

Logan Paul YouTuber And Professional Boxer

YouTube star Logan Paul has given his reply to the recent comments made by Canelo Alvarez about the anticipated fight with former five division champion Floyd Mayweather, following his unanimous decision victory over Callum Smith.

Canelo was critical of the finalised fight between Mayweather Jr. and Logan Paul, which will be taking place on the 20th of February on Pay-Per-View. Paul felt like giving a reply to those comments as he believes Canelo is a little unhappy he was handed a rare opportunity he presently craves.

Mayweather Jr. Has been the only person to hand the Mexican a defeat and Canelo has been craving for an opportunity to avenge that loss. Canelo has openly declared his aim to avenge the loss but Mayweather has been out doing exibitions and this too he believes is just a money grab for the former five division champion and risky for the non experienced Paul Logan.

“Ya know, it’s all about the money,” Canelo told TMZ through a translator … “I don’t think we would agree that people that are basketball players, that are YouTubers [should] get [boxing] licenses. Ya know, I don’t criticize. This is a very risky sport, and if you go up there, it’s very risky.”

Canelo Alvarez And Floyd Mayweather jr

Logan Paul called out Mayweather Jr. for a fight and the 43 year old accepted the bout but Canelo makes clear he can never be down for such a bout and is never up for a one off huge payday.

“No,” Canelo said… “I truly believe that it’s a lack of respect. It’s all based on money. It’s all for money. I’m focused right now on other projects.”

“I have other stuff going on, and I would invite him for a sparring session so that he truly knows what it’s all about.”

He calls such a bout disrespectful to the sport.

“For true fighters, I do believe it is a lack of respect,” Canelo added.

Paul dug dip, bring up Canelo’s failed drug tests back in 2018. The Mexican failed two drug test, with results bring up weight cut agent Clenbutenrol and was given a six month ban for the failed tests. Canelo was very firm, his failed drug tests was as a result of eating tainted meat during his visit back to his home town in Mexico.

“I think he’s the guy that got caught using steroids twice,” Paul said on the Night Shift Gaming stream. “We want to talk about disrespecting boxing, talk about a guy who didn’t play by the rules.

“To say we’re disrespecting the sport, I feel disrespected especially as it’s coming from a guy who quite literally disrespected and spit on the ethics of the sport. Yeah, it upsets me.”

Paul believes Canelo hasn’t really gone over his loss to Mayweather Jr. and is barely taking a dif at them because he hasn’t been granted his wish to avenge the loss.

“F–k you. Suck a d-ck,” Paul added. “I think he’s salty because I get a chance to beat Mayweather and he lost to him. That’s his one loss.”

“Just ’cause we’re attempting to do something and put on a great show and putting in the work, doesn’t mean you have to sh-t on us. Like, what the f–k, bro?”

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