Errol Spence Jr. Vs Danny Garcia : Crawford Drops Prediction

Errol Spence Jr. Workout

Errol Spence Jr. will be defending his IBF and WBC welterweight titles on Saturday night against former two divisions champion Danny Garcia and while predictions keep flooding in from Critics, Pundits, fans and professionals, Terence Crawford remains one to be considered.

The WBO welterweight champion has intentions of squaring up with the unified welterweight titlist, sometime in the future which most could most likely happen in 2021 and who ever wins this fight will definitely affect the progress during negotiation, making his prediction a less sentimental one.

Crawford believes that the fight between Spence and Garcia is a 50-50 affair and that anyone could emerged the winner. Crawford could however be saying that out of some kind of Jealousy which is built around the fact that Spence is regarded No.1 pound for pound fighter in the division. A position he also claims to occupy.

Crawford, who admitted changing his mind from a 60-40 in favour of Spence to a 50-50 didn’t give a particular tactical or physical reason behind his mind change other than his pondering.

“I say it’s a 50/50 fight,” Crawford said of the Spence vs. Danny Garcia bout on Saturday.

“It was a 40/60 in Spence favor, but the more and more I think with my head, and just think back to the Danny Garcia that I know, when he’s motivated, and he feels like his back is against the wall and got something to prove, he always rose to the occasion,” said Crawford.

A better reason for considering the fight between Spence and Garcia a 50-50 fight could be the fact that Spence (37-0, 28 KOs) went through quite an ordeal in the accident earlier this year and might not remain the same fighter after such an experience whether physically or mentally.

Errol Spence Jr. Garcia Workout

Crawford brought up the Garcia toughness as reason for his Prediction but that doesn’t sum up as the accident would have made more sence. However deliberating on his perspective, we will have to bring Shawn Porter into the picture because he has shared the ring with both fighters.

Shawn Porter has always been a tough fighter. He defeated Danny Garcia (36-2. 21 KOs) on 2018 and went into take in Spence Jr. in a unification fight in 2019 and with all his toughness, lost a Decision to spence. This brings us to a conclusion that toughness isn’t a criteria to predict a winner for a boxing contest especially at World Championship level.

Crawford really wants to fight Spence, not just for bragging rights but also to clear doubts about, who is the best fighter in the welterweight division. Just for the fact that both do not agree with themselves on who is th No.1 in the division.

“When we talking about the number one guy in the division, we gotta be talking about Terence Crawford,” said Crawford. “I really want Spence, just to shut everybody up and see what they going to say after that.

“I know it’s going to be a lot of excuses and bandwagon shifting; it’s going to be wild,” said Crawford in dreaming of a win over Spence.
“We in the same division; it’s business. He thinks he #1; I think I’m #1. Somebody has got to be #1,” said Crawford.

However, what might hinder the fight from happening in 2021 or anytime soon will be the fact that both are yet to agree on the Purse Split as Crawford, who isn’t seen as a Pay-per-view fighter wants the lion share for a fight with Spence, who has made a name for himself on Pay-per-view.

Crawford has already tried his luck on Pay-per-view in fights against Viktor Pistol and Amir Khan but failed to bring in buys. Spence has been able to excel in the Pay-Per-View world, fights against Mikey Garcia and Shawn Porter brought in huge buys on Pay-per-view.

Spence Vs Garcia takes place on Saturday night Live on FOX Sports Pay-Per-View at the AT&T Stadium.

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