Callum Smith Confident Of Defeating Canelo Alvarez On Dec 19th

Callum Smith WBA Super Middleweight Champion

WBA Super Middleweight Champion Callum Smith is very confident of a victory against Canelo Alvarez, when the two collide on December 19th at the Aladome In San Antonio Texas.

Smith (6’3″) believes Canelo, who owns a smaller frame (5’8″) picked the wrong person to fight and that he should have remained at 160 pounds, where he performs at his best rather than take up his adventures at weight classes above. Smith, who has a huge frame could one day fight in the light heavyweight division.

Smith is huge and has usually undergoes a lot to make it down to 168 pounds but Canelo should definitely be able to handle his power and frame as his last fight was contested at 175 pounds, when he defeated former WBO Light Heavyweight Champion Sergey Kovalev to capture the title, last year’s November.

Weight classes are there for a reason and fighting with a weight mismatch could end up a massacre or a one sided beatdown by the bigger fighter. Canelo Alvarez took on Kovalev last year and was able to win the contest because he was facing a 36 year old version of Kovalev and should have been stopped, if the fight was staged against one of the younger champions in the division.

In this case Smith is young and won’t be taking it easy in Canelo, having already taken on a fighter with Canelo’s Frame (John Ryder) last year and leant the hard way fighting against fighters with the frame. It is possible Smith won’t be letting Canelo get in on the inside and that could end up bad for the Mexican.

Canelo is hoping to get himself a proper four division championship status, when he takes on Smith on the 19th of December. However, Smith has been preparing for big fights like this and has been in the gym during the pandemic, despite having uncertainties of whether the fight will happen of if he will even get in the ring this year.

“I feel good. It’s a fight that has been talked about for most of 2020, and it’s been on the table and off the table, and then the pandemic came and there were question marks if we were even going to fight at all in 2020,” said Callum to DAZN.

“It’s a fight that I’ve wanted for a while. I want the biggest fights possible, and the biggest fight possible for me at the moment is Canelo Alvarez. It’s been frustrating but I was always planning on fighting towards the end of the year.

“I’m in good shape, as I said, I was hoping to fight at the end of 2020 anyways. I didn’t know if it would be Canelo or a voluntary defense. And I wasn’t too sure. I was hoping to fight and didn’t want to write the full year off as a loss. Yeah, I was in the gym, and I’ve been there for a while. I’m in this fight to win it, and I’ll be in the best shape possible.

“I was in the gym training and I was hoping of getting a date towards the end of the year. There was talk of the possible Canelo fight, and then all the court stuff happened with Canelo.

Canelo has fought just twice against opponents above the 160 pound weight class, his fight against Sergey Kovalev at 175 and Rocky Fielding at 168. The only other person to make it up to 168 from Canelo’s list of past fighters is Daniel Jacobs, who isn’t hasn’t proven himself at the weight class.

Callum Smith Defeats John Ryder WBC Super middleweight championship

Canelo hasn’t fought well enough in the weight class to make it into the top 168 or 175 pounders. Smith however will be a tough test and believes he will win, if he has a very good day in the office against the Mexican.

“It’s getting tougher [to get down to 168], but I’ve got a really good team and nutritionist, and I’m really disciplined and I do it correctly and I believe it can make it comfortably,” said Smith.

“If it affects my performance, then I’ll move and set new goals to try and become a two-weight world champion at 175. But for the moment, I can do the weight that I perform at. We’ll stay here and try and achieve as much as I can while I’m still doing it.

“I’m going to work in the gym with my coach and come up with tactics that I’m going to do and try and stop Canelo from what he’s good at and get off at what I’m good at and fight my type of fight,” Callum said about how he’ll deal with Canelo’s inside game.

“We’re two world-class fighters, and I’m sure it’ll be a good one. Whoever gets the tactics right on the night will come away with the win, but it’s an exciting one.



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