Angel Garcia Predicts Danny Knockout Errol Spence In Seven Rounds

Danny Garcia Angel Garcia Training
Danny Garcia Training with Angel Garcia ahead of Errol Spence WBC/IBF Welterweight championship fight taking place on the 5th Of December At The AT&T Stadium in Arlington TX

Trainer Angel Garcia has predicted Danny Garcia will knockout Errol Spence in their upcoming IBF/WBC world championship fight, which takes place on Saturday night at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

The Trainer stakes his claim on the fact that there are presently some question marks on whether Spence (26-0, 21 KOs) is fully recovered from the ghastly motor accident he had earlier this year and uncertainties that may arise due to his absence from the ring and training during recovery.

Garcia will definitely be a luckiest fighter on the planet, if the claims are true. He will rejuvenate his career with a victory over Spence then, get in a huge position of getting a Unification fight with Terence Crawford and Manny Pacquiao in 2021.

Danny Garcia is presently on a two fight winning streak since losing a 12 round shout out against Shawn Porter in 2018. He has since defeated Ivan Redkach and Adrian Granados and for Garcia defeating Spence will be a him repeating history.


“I’d like to make 154, but I’ve proved I can make 154 without being on a diet,” said Danny Garcia. “To me, that’s taking a step back in my career [moving back down to 140].
“There’s no reason for me to go back down there ever again. That’s just for what? I already won a title at 147. I’m trying to repeat history, and I’m going to repeat history.

“I’m not going backward. If anything, and I’m going forwards. He’s never fought Danny Garcia; it’s that simple. He’s never been in the ring with Danny Garcia. I’m not nobody he fought, so I’m different. And I’m staying sharp and going over mentally and physically the game plan,” said Garcia.

Errol Spence Danny Garcia Final Press conference

Angel Garcia seems optimally sure the fight will be going in his students favour and even predicted the round when Garcia eventually knocks out Spence Jr. He also maintains that there is no rift between Him and Spence and Garcia knocking Spence Out is only business and nothing more.

“He’s knocking him the f*** out,” said trainer Angel Garcia when asked what’s going to happen this Saturday night between Danny and Spence. “And he’s knocking him out in the seventh.
“He’s going to get what he deserves. He’s a good dude, don’t get me wrong. I don’t hate him or nothing like that, but this is a business.

Shawn porter, who has shared the ring with both Spence Jr. and Garcia believes that things aren’t really certain at the moment and that Garcia will need to prove in the first few rounds that he deserves to win and concerning Spence, Porter believes that its difficult to ignore what he has gone through but will definitely act the way Spence has done by ignoring the whole ordeal, if he were in his shoes.

“In the first round, we’re going to see how much Danny Garcia wants the fight, how much he wants to win, and what he’s willing to do,” said Shawn Porter. “For me, I don’t think it takes a number of rounds to get going and fight.

“It’s a matter of are you willing to do what it takes to win the fight. Danny is going to show that to us in the first round.

“And then, on the other side, with everything Errol Spence went through, we’re going to see who Errol Spence is.

“I have questions, and I think a lot of people have questions, and it’s for a good reason. A lot of us saw exactly what he went through [with his car crash of his Ferrari in 2019], and it’s hard for him as a fighter to ignore it.

“I’ll tell you right now; if I went through something like that and continued to fight, I would ignore everything that happened. I’d pretend that it never happened, and I’d keep pushing forward as if it ever happened.

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